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Lesson 17 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

mere force (physical and mental) -- a common vigilant; because your adversary the devil
characteristic of human centralized govern- [man-made centralized power], as a roaring lion,
ments. However, these have NO TRUE walketh about, seeking whom he may” to do
AUTHORITY! what to?
COMMENT: Here, the apostle Peter
Examples of Misused Authority and Power describes, perfectly, man’s concept of
centralized government -- lording over and
1. Read Matthew 20:20-28. In verse 25, DEVOURING others. Peter instructs Christian
what is it that the Messiah told his disciples the LEADERS to NOT follow this UNGODLY
princes of the nations exercised OVER them? practice.
And what was it that the great ones exercised
UPON them? Saul’s Source of Authority
2. Read Mark 10:35-45. In verse 42,
what is that those who are over the “Gentiles” 1. Following the stoning of Stephen,
do? They also exercise what over them? Acts 8:3 states that Saul entered into every
3. Read Luke 22:24-30. In verse 25, what? What did he commit the men and women
what is it that the Messiah says the “kings of the to?
nations” exercise over them? And what are these 2. Read Acts 9:1-19. According to
kings called for doing this? (Note how the King verses 1-2, what did Saul get from the high priest
James Bible translators ERRONEOUSLY used so that he could arrest any Christians he would
the term “Gentiles” in the verses above.) find in the synagogues?
COMMENT: In the preceding Bible 3. In verse 14 what is it that Ananias
verses, Yeshua the Messiah describes HOW states Saul had from the chief priests to bind
man rules (lords over) people under anyone that called on the Messiah’s name?
Babylonian-style central government. In each COMMENT: The above verses
case Yeshua then tells his disciples to NOT do CLEARLY show the SOURCE of Saul’s
the same. The words DOMINION and AUTHORITY to arrest Christians: the Judean
LORDSHIP are both translated from the Greek government -- with the high priest as head. This
word katakurieuo (#2634 in Strong’s Con- wicked government was using Saul to
cordance), meaning “to lord against, i.e. PROTECT ITSELF from those who were
Control, subjugate.” This describes man’s idea exposing ITS ILLEGITIMACY. Verse 7
of government -- CONTROL and SUB- indicates that men journeyed with Saul. These
JUGATION of people. Judean government agents (”police” or “law
The word BENEFACTORS in Luke enforcement officers” in today’s vernacular)
22:25 is rendered from the Greek word were part of Saul’s POWER to exercise his
euergetes (#2110), meaning “a worker of good.” authority. However, Yeshua intervened, showed
How ironic: these subjugators and controllers Saul the error of his ways (exposed his FALSE
are called “workers of good.” Obviously, the AUTHORITY AND POWER) and then
good that they work is FOR THEIR OWN replaced it with TRUE authority and power to
BENEFIT rather that the people’s well-being! carry out the Messiah’s will.
This is MAN’S idea of government -- NOT
YEHOVAH God’s!! Other Examples of Misused Authority
4. Read I Peter 5:1-11. What does Peter,
in verse 3, tell the elders NOT to be over 1. Read Acts 4:1-21. According to verse
YEHOVAH’s heritage? (Katakurieuo). 18, the Judean government leaders (verses 5-6)
5. In verse 8 Peter warns them to “be commanded Peter and John not to do what? Nor

Judean Centralized Government
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