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Lesson 17 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

him? man to save their government and their rulership
COMMENT: In an attempt to get the positions. Such has been the characteristic of
Messiah to speak, Pilate tried to point out his CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT throughout
so-called AUTHORITY over him. Yeshua, history: SELF-PRESERVATION AT ALL
however, explained to Pilate that his supposed COSTS!
authority was NOT VALID and that genuine In Lesson 19 we will continue to see how
authority COMES ONLY FROM YEHOVAH the Judean central government SUBJUGATED
GOD! In effect, Yeshua told Pilate that he had and PLUNDERED the Judean people and how it
NO authority (jurisdiction) over him. Pilate’s dealt with threats to its power and authority.
so-called authority was from an UNLAWFUL
MENT (in this case, Roman central govern- Recommended Reading...
The Plain Truth About Church
The Nature of Centralized Government
The Primacy of Peter and the Church of
A COMMON characteristic of
centralized government is self-preservation -- YEHOVAH God!
the tendency to protect ITSELF from the people
it controls. Any threat against its authority and The Role of Government in the Local
power must be attacked and destroyed. So it was Church
with the Judean government.
1. Read John 11:47-53. According to Should You Follow Just One Man?
verse 48, the chief priests and Pharisees were
concerned that the Romans would do what? Is Judaism the Religion of Moses?
(Two things).
2. In verse 50 Caiaphas, the high priest, The Three Great Enemies of the
tells the council that it would be “expedient” for Kingdom of YEHOVAH God!
the Messiah to do what rather than the whole
nation perish? Are Modern “Jews” Really Descended
3. Verse 53 states that from that time from the Sons of Jacob?
forward the Judean government leaders took
counsel to do what to the Messiah? Between the Two Testaments
COMMENT: Yeshua was teaching the
people about freedom (liberty) and about Godly Are You a “Comfortable” Christian?
government. In the process, he was exposing the
WICKEDNESS and UNLAWFULNESS of “As It Was In the Days of Noah...”
man-made centralized government. Because so
many of the people were believing the Messiah’s ___________________________________
teachings, the Judean government rulers were
afraid of potential rebellion that would cause the To order the above articles write to:
Roman authorities to put an end to their
privileged positions of lordship (dominion) over Hope of Israel Ministries
the people. To PROTECT THEMSELVES from P.O. Box 2186
such a threat, they decided to kill the Messiah. Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
They were not above MURDERING an innocent

Judean Centralized Government
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