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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 17

to the scope or area of jurisdiction, or _________” (dunamis) wrought by the
commission, which has been granted by a Messiah’s hands.
“power” such as a sovereign. It can be delegated 2. Acts 2:22 speaks of the “________
to others, or it can be withdrawn by the grantor. (dunamis) and wonders and signs” which
When authority is delegated, the grantor does YEHOVAH God did through the Messiah.
not give up his authority -- he merely EXTENDS 3. In II Corinthians 12:9 Paul states that
it. The one receiving authority has PER- the Messiah told him, “My grace is sufficient for
MISSION (or COMMISSION) from the grantor thee: for my__________(dunamis) is made
to act (use POWER) IN HIS NAME (as if done perfect in weakness.”
by him personally). 4. Paul says in II Corinthians 12:12,
2. In John 5:43 the Messiah said that he “Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought
came in his Father’s what? among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders,
3. In John 10:25 Yeshua says that the and__________(dunamis).
work that he does is done in whose name? 5. Paul, speaking to the Christians in
4. According to John 12:13 the people Ephesus, says in Ephesians 3:16, “That He
cried, “Hosanna: Blessed is the king of Israel” [YEHOVAH God] would grant you, according
that comes in whose name? to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened
5. Following his conversion, in whose with__________(dunamis) by His spirit in the
name (by whose authority) did the apostle Paul inner man.”
boldly preach? Acts 9:27-29. 6. Matthew 25:15 states, “And unto one
6. In James 5:10 who spoke in the name he gave five talents, to another two, and to
of the LORD? another one; to every man according to his
COMMENT: The above verses are several_________(dunamis)...”
examples of DELEGATED authority -- 7. In Colossians 1:29 Paul says,
ACTION taken on behalf (in the name) of a “Whereunto I also labour, striving according to
higher power. Yeshua and the prophets ACTED his [Yeshua the Messiah’s] working, which
IN YEHOVAH’S NAME (by YEHOVAH’s worketh in me_________(dunamis).
authority). The disciples and apostles ACTED 8. Hebrews 11:34 speaks of quenching
IN THE NAME OF THE MESSIAH (by the the_________(dunamis) of fire.
Messiah’s authority). 9. Read Mark 5:25-34. After the woman
AUTHORITY is the lawful JURIS- had touched his garment, verse 30 indicates that
DICTION (privilege or commission) to act; it is the Messiah knew immediately that what
NOT the act itself. The ACTION, then, is (dunamis) had gone out of him?
accomplished through POWER (one’s ability or COMMENT: The above scriptures
force). illustrate the INTENT of the Greek word
dunamis (power): ACTION through
Power Indicates Action STRENGTH (force). Lawful power is utilized
The Greek word dunamis indicates HOVAH God. However, man has the tendency
ACTION. In addition to “power,” dunamis is to exercise UNWARRANTED power and
translated into these English words in the King establish his own UNLAWFUL authority,
James version of the Bible -- all suggesting resulting in CONTROL and MANIPULATION
STRENGTH or FORCE OF ACTION. Place of others.
each word in the correct verse below (1 through Power (force), then, can be MISUSED.
9): In fact, men usually establish and exercise their
1. Mark 6:2 refers to the “mighty own UNGODLY power over others through

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