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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 16

acknowledged as the time for counting the years COMMENT: Just as the shofar was
of their kingly rule. In fact, it was customary that sounded to proclaim the freedom and liberation
the FINAL CEREMONY in the coronation of of the Jubilee year, so “the sound of the trumpet”
kings was the BLOWING OF TRUMPETS. will herald the descent of the Messiah from
3. Do we see the same thing in the case of heaven (I Thessalonians 4:16) to gather the
Jehu? II Kings 9:13. faithful and punish the wicked. It is significant
COMMENT: The Old Testament that Paul calls this “the last trumpet” (I
clearly shows that the blowing of trumpets was Corinthians 15:52), evidently because it is
the SIGN that kings could then BEGIN TO sounded for the LAST TIME to mark the
RULE. The “Jews” have long acknowledged CONSUMMATION OF REDEMPTION.
this ROYAL IMPORT to the Day of Trumpets. The “Last Trump” of the early Judeans
4. What about Joash -- was his rulership was when the dead were remembered; and the
announced by trumpets? II Kings 11:14. “Last Trump” of Paul the apostle was the time
COMMENT: The themes of Judgment for the Messiah’s return to this earth and the
and KINGSHIP are closely related because the resurrection of the dead.
king was enthroned to JUDGE over his people. 7. Read Revelation chapters 8 through
The anointment of a new king to the throne was 11. What do these chapters deal with?
announced by the blowing of the shofar. In a COMMENT: The Day of Trumpets
similar fashion, the sound of the shofar on the pictures the LAST trumpet blown in the book of
Day of Trumpets should be understood as a Revelation -- the SEVENTH trumpet-plague of
symbol of the Messiah’s soon-coming enthrone- the “Day of the Lord” -- the time when the
ment in Jerusalem! Messiah returns and is ENTHRONED in
5. Is this theme developed by the apostle preparation for the Judgment Day! The
Paul in I Thessalonians 4:16? What sounds at “trumpets” are WARNING blasts, a call to
the Messiah’s coming? Same verse. And what REPENTANCE, and a warning of impending
rise first? calamities.
COMMENT: Writes Alfred Edersheim: Each trumpet blast, starting on Nisan 1,
“As of old the SOUND OF THE TRUMPET will be accompanied by a divinely sent
summoned the congregation before the LORD PLAGUE to convince mankind that YEHOVAH
[YEHOVAH God] at the door of the Tabernacle, God means business! They are a WARNING,
so ‘His elect’ shall be summoned BY THE sent by a loving God who doesn’t want to have to
SOUND OF THE TRUMPET in the day of punish His people, but Who will not put up with
Christ’s coming, and not only the living, but sin and rebellion any longer. The “trumpets” --
those also who had ‘slept’ -- ‘the dead in Christ.’ plural -- lead up to the soon-coming
Similarly, the heavenly hosts are marshalled to JUDGMENT, which will occur when Yeshua
the war of SUCCESSIVE JUDGMENTS the Messiah returns to earth to set up the
[starting on Nisan 1], till, as ‘the seventh angel Kingdom of YEHOVAH God in preparation for
sounded,’ Christ is PROCLAIMED KING his Father’s return -- see Revelation 11:15-19.
UNIVERSAL: ‘The kingdoms of this world are
become the kingdoms of our LORD [YEHO- YEHOVAH God Too?
VAH], and OF HIS CHRIST, and He shall reign
for ever and ever’” (The Temple, p. 291). Not only is Yeshua the Messiah
6. We see the same event pictured in I returning to this earth, but so too is YEHOVAH
Corinthians 15:52. What happens at the LAST God!
TRUMP -- the SEVENTH trumpet of 1. Notice Titus 2:13. Who was Titus
Revelation? Same verse. admonishing the people to look for?

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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