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Lesson 16 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement
of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!

Lesson 16
should be translated, “make a SHOUT or
The Meaning of Trumpets CHEER OF PRAISE unto the God of Jacob.”
6. How were the trumpets to be blown on
Turn in your Bible to the central passage the Feast of Trumpets? Numbers 10:1-10. Were
which gives the complete outline of YEHOVAH silver trumpets to be used to announce the
God’s Holy Days -- Leviticus 23. Let’s learn Feasts, as well as call YEHOVAH’s people to
about the Feast of Trumpets. assemble? Verses 2 and 10. Was the Feast of
1. When is the Feast of Trumpets held? Trumpets A DAY OF GLADNESS, A DAY OF
Leviticus 23:23-25. SOLEMN ASSEMBLY and the beginning of
COMMENT: Seven is YEHOVAH’s the month? Then, these silver trumpets were
special number signifying COMPLETION and blown specifically on the Day of Trumpets!
PERFECTION. The seventh month of YEHO- What else was blown on the Day of Trumpets?
VAH’s sacred calendar contains the FINAL COMMENT: Judean tradition pre-
Feast Days in His Holy Day plan. The serves the record that in addition to the silver
beginning, or first day of this month (Tishri), trumpets (Chatsotserah in Hebrew), a RAM’S
MARKS THE BEGINNING OF THE FINAL HORN (Shophar in Hebrew) was blown on the
PHASES of YEHOVAH God’s Plan. first day of the seventh month -- the Feast of
2. Isn’t the Feast of Trumpets one of Trumpets (Talmud, “Rosh Hashana,” Mishnah
YEHOVAH’s ANNUAL SABBATH DAYS? 26b)! The silver trumpets could produce a
Verse 24. Are YEHOVAH’s people permitted variety of musical notes, but the ram’s horn
to work on this annual Sabbath? Verse 25. produced only a PIERCING BLAST. This
3. Are we commanded to come together piercing blast is often referred to in the Bible as a
before YEHOVAH God in HOLY CONVO- SHOUT, or NOISE -- it did not have a musical
CATION on this Holy Day? Numbers 29:1. connotation.
4. What is UNIQUE about this fourth 7. Is the TREMENDOUS NOISE of the
Holy Day? Leviticus 23:24. Wasn’t this day to VOICE OF YEHOVAH GOD compared to the
be a memorial of BLOWING OF TRUMPETS? sound of the ram’s horn? Exodus 19:16-19;
Same verse. 20:18.
COMMENT: It is from this ceremony 8. Didn’t this BLAST of the ram’s horn
that the Festival of Trumpets draws its name. give greater SOLEMNITY to the Day of
The Hebrew statement, “a memorial of blowing Trumpets? Were trumpets blown specifically on
of trumpets” is better translated, “A solemn days and at the beginning of months --
FOR JOY, WITH TRUMPETS” (The Treasury 10:10.
of Scripture Knowledge, Bagster and Sons, Ltd., COMMENT: The Feast of Trumpets
London). was closely associated in Judean thought with
5. Did King David understand that the the NEW MOON festivals that were celebrated
Feast of Trumpets was to be a day of SINGING at the beginning of EACH MONTH. Since
AND CHEERING FOR JOY? Psalm 81:1-4. YEHOVAH’s calendar begins with the month of
COMMENT: Verse 1 of Psalm 81, NISAN, there is a sense in which the Feast of

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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