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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 16

casting the censer filled with fire upon the earth representing the Feast of Trumpets itself. It is
(Revelation 8:5) and the seven angels readying within the SEVENTH trumpet that we find the
themselves to blow the SEVEN TRUMPETS first explicit use of JUDGMENT terminology in
shows that YEHOVAH God’s response to the the book of Revelation. In Judean thought the
prayers of the souls of the martyred saints under seventh-month Feast of Trumpets ushered in the
the altar is to COMMENCE HIS JUDGMENT! time of JUDGMENT that led up to the Day of
In Revelation the censer of prayer becomes the Atonement.
censer of JUDGMENT. The blowing of trumpets at each New
Writes Jon Paulien -- “This is a Moon was understood as a DAY OF JUDG-
remarkable PARALLEL to Numbers 10:8-10. MENT IN MINIATURE warning people to
There the sounding of a trumpet was understood PREPARE for the FINAL JUDGMENT ushered
as an act of PRAYER reminding God of His in by the Feast of Trumpets. Correspondingly,
covenant with His people. God’s RESPONSE the blowing of the FIRST SIX trumpets in
would be to DELIVER them militarily and Revelation WARNS people to prepare for the
cultically. In Revelation the trumpets are FINAL judgment inaugurated by the blowing of
unleashed by the PRAYERS of the saints and the SEVENTH trumpet.
signal God’s RESPONSE to those prayers. This 8. The plagues unleashed by the blowing
strong thematic parallel with Numbers 10 of the FIRST SIX trumpets are JUDGMENTS of
argues that the trumpets in Revelation 8-11 are grace designed to lead people to what? Rev-
to be understood in relation to WORSHIP and elation 9:20-21. Did they accomplish their goal?
PRAYER as is the case in much of the Old Same verse.
Testament” (Decoding Revelation’s Trumpets, COMMENT: We are told TWICE that
p. 223). the people “did not repent” in spite of the
6. As well as on the Feast of Trumpets, at judgments that accompanied the blowing of the
what other times were the trumpet blown? first six trumpets. The judgments of these six
Psalm 81:3. trumpets are the FINAL WARNING of YEHO-
COMMENT: The association of the VAH God -- His summons to REPENTANCE!
NUMBER SEVEN with trumpets should remind 9. Does YEHOVAH God WARN people
us of the SEVEN NEW MOON FESTIVALS, through BOTH calamities (plagues) and
each of which was accompanied by the blowing PREACHING to REPENT before it is too late?
of trumpets to REMIND the people of the Ezekiel 33:2-4.
forthcoming Feast of Trumpets. Thus, the seven COMMENT: YEHOVAH God is not in
trumpets represent the SEVEN NEW MOONS the business of punishing but of SAVING!
from the beginning of the religious year (Nisan) Consequently, He WARNS people through
to the first day of the SEVENTH month (Tishri). BOTH calamities and preaching to REPENT.
The blowing of trumpets AT EACH NEW The trumpet judgments become a call to
MOON was in anticipation of the Feast of repentance when they are COMBINED with oral
Trumpets that served to remind people to be warnings, or, we might say, with the preaching
prepared for the day of judgment that would be of the Good News of the Kingdom of
inaugurated by the MASSIVE blowing of YEHOVAH God.
trumpets at the new moon of the seventh month. The blowing of the trumpets was
7. What do we find mentioned within the understood by the Judeans to be a call to
SEVENTH trumpet? Revelation 11:18. REPENT and PREPARE oneself to STAND
COMMENT: The seven trumpets of TRIAL before YEHOVAH God who would
Revelation represent the ongoing sequence of execute HIS JUDGMENT TEN DAYS later on
SEVEN MONTHS with the seventh trumpet the Day of Atonement. The importance of the

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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