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Lesson 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

COMMENT: The Jewish New Revelation 11:15?
Testament renders this verse in a much clearer 3. Does the Old Testament give any
fashion: “...while continuing to expect the indication of the return of YEHOVAH God to
blessed fulfillment of our certain hope, which is this earth to rule the nations? Psalm 47,
the appearing of the SH’KHINAH of our great especially verses 2, 7 and 8.
God AND the appearing of our Deliverer, COMMENT: The name “LORD” in
YESHUA THE MESSIAH.” David Stern, in his verse 2 is here translated from the tetra-
Jewish New Testament Commentary, makes grammaton YHVH (YEHOVAH).
the following comment -- “v. 13 points to, 4. Turn now to Zechariah 14:9. Who
literally, ‘the blessed hope,’ meaning the blessed does it say will be King over all the earth?
fulfillment of our certain hope, which is the COMMENT: Once again, the name
appearing at the End of Days of THE “LORD” is translated from the tetragrammaton
AND (AT THE SAME TIME) the APPEAR- For centuries Christians -- and even the
ING OF OUR DELIVERER, YESHUA THE Churches of God -- have been thoroughly
MESSIAH” (page 656). confused regarding the setting up of the
2. Is this verified by the apostle John in Kingdom of YEHOVAH God on this earth!
They have placed their hope and expectations
The Shofar or Ram’s horn and yearnings on the return of Yeshua the
Messiah while relegating YEHOVAH God and
His return to the dust bin! While the return of the
Messiah is not to be minimized (his role is
VITAL in the Plan of YEHOVAH god) -- the
FAR GREATER, earthshaking, awesome
mind-reeling event of the end times is that of the
rule from the newly-built Temple in Jerusalem!
All the prophets of the Old Testament
clearly predicted a visible, awesome, LITERAL
MANIFESTATION of the Shekinah Glory of
YEHOVAH God once again.
5. Read Isaiah 24 noticing, especially,
verse 23.
COMMENT: Much too often
Christians have allowed themselves to hastily
read through the texts, all the while ASSUMING
that when the prophets write of YEHOVAH God
Himself acting in decisive ways, they actually
refer to the Messiah. As surprising as it may
sound, the “coming of the Messiah” is definitely
NOT the major emphasis of the Old Testament
prophets. Writes James Tabor: “Only a dozen or
so texts speak of the role of the coming Davidic
King. In contrast there are many HUNDREDS
of texts in the Hebrew Prophets which deal in the

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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