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Lesson 16 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

time intervening before the coming end. In other the Feast of Trumpets serve the purpose of?
words, the consummation will no longer be Numbers 10:9-10.
delayed. The reason being that the SEVENTH COMMENT: It served the purpose of
TRUMPET is the antitypical FEAST OF REMINDING the people to REPENT of their
TRUMPETS which ushers in the FINAL sins. It also reminded YEHOVAH God to be
JUDGMENT which outcome is the rewarding of MERCIFUL toward His people.
the righteous and the retribution of the ungodly 4. Where, in the New Testament, are
at the coming of the Messiah. these same THEMES found? Revelation 8:3-5.
COMMENT: These themes are found
The Seven Trumpets in the SEVEN TRUMPETS which are found in
the setting of the offering of incense at the
In Old Testament times the approach of golden altar together with the PRAYERS of the
the final judgment was announced IN saints.
ADVANCE by the blowing of trumpets on the
first day (NEW MOON) of the FIRST SIX
MONTHS leading up to the month of Tishri. The
blowing of trumpets served to WARN the
people to prepare themselves for the FINAL
JUDGMENT that would begin on the FIRST
was known as the Feast of Trumpets, because on
that day the SHOFAR was blown in a
MASSIVE way throughout the land to announce
to the people that the Day of Judgment had
arrived and they should prepare themselves to
stand trial before the heavenly court.
1. What is the general setting of the seven
trumpets in the New Testament? Revelation
COMMENT: The general setting of the
seven trumpets is the offering of the INCENSE
at the golden altar of the Holy Place.
2. With the blowing of the SEVENTH
trumpet there is a MOVEMENT from the Holy
Place to where? Revelation 11:19.
COMMENT: The movement is from
the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place (Holy of
High Priest with Censer
Holies) where the ark of the covenant is seen.
This is an obvious allusion to the ritual of the The RESPONSE to their prayers is the
Day of Atonement when the High Priest casting down of the censer and the BLOWING
ministered before the ark of the covenant. The OF THE TRUMPETS. The seven trumpets are
transition from the Holy to the Most Holy Place unleashed in ANSWER to the prayers of the
suggests a movement from the typology of the saints.
Feast of Trumpets to that of the Day of 5. What simple TRUTH does this
Atonement. convey? Revelation 6:9-11.
3. What did the blowing of the shofar on COMMENT: The vision of the angel

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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