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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 16

GREATEST DETAIL with the end of the age, day it was common to quote Zechariah 14:16.
THE GREAT DAY OF JUDGMENT, and the Some scholars note that psalms which begin
arrival of the Kingdom of God...a more BASIC “YEHOVAH is become king [or ‘The LORD
teaching of Scripture has been TOTALLY reigns’” (Psalm 93, 97)] were originally
IGNORED by millions -- that of the SECOND intended for recitation on the Day of Trumpets.
(Restoring Abrahamic Faith, page 70). Trumpets is CLEARLY that of enthronement of
6. The prophet Ezekiel describes the the great King of kings -- YEHOVAH God! This
awesome return of YEHOVAH God to His was the general understanding of the day in Old
newly-built Temple in Jerusalem. Ezekiel 43: Testament times and it is certainly that of the
1-4, 7. New Testament. In Revelation 11:15 the
COMMENT: Constantly the prophets SEVENTH angel sounds his “last trump” and
make the point that YEHOVAH God Himself “the kingdoms of this world are become THE
will intervene, acting personally and directly, to KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD [YEHOVAH],
punish the wicked and rule as KING OVER and of His Christ, and He [YEHOVAH] shall
ALL NATIONS on this earth! REIGN for ever and ever.”
7. Read Isaiah 52:7. As we have already shown from the Old
COMMENT: Other translations render Testament, the blowing of trumpets was the
the phrase “good tidings” as “good news.” This SIGN that kings could then begin to rule (I
is, in fact, the TRUE BIBLICAL GOSPEL -- the Kings 1:34; II Kings 9:13; 11:11). Judean
GOOD NEWS of the coming reign of authorities long acknowledged this royal import
YEHOVAH God, the “Gospel of the Kingdom to the Feast of Trumpets. According to Theodor
of YEHOVAH God.” The message, of course, Gaster: “The Sovereignty of [YEHOVAH] God
includes the AGENCY of the Messiah, who is a DOMINANT THEME of the occasion [and]
prepares the way for YEHOVAH God. it is one of the CARDINAL features of New
However, the essential focus and EMPHASIS of Year’s Day” (Festivals of the Jewish Year, p.
the Old Testament is NOT on the Messiah, but 115).
on YEHOVAH Himself and His reign ON THIS The main thrust of the day was the
EARTH when He returns! triumph of YEHOVAH God as a KING over all
8. Go, now, to Ezekiel 37:26-28. Where the forces of evil. The symbolic motif of the
does YEHOVAH God say He will set His Feast of Trumpets, as Gaster shows, was
sanctuary? Verses 26 and 28. Where will His YEHOVAH God “continually fighting His way
tabernacle be? Verse 27. to the Kingdom, continually asserting His
COMMENT: This is another CLEAR dominion, and continually ENTHRONING
Old Testament reference to the FACT that Himself as Sovereign of creation. At New Year
YEHOVAH God is going to return to this earth when the world was annually reborn that
to take over rulership of the nations. But how sovereignty was evinced anew” (ibid., p. 115).
does all this relate to the Feast of Trumpets? 10. Read Psalm 47 again.
9. Read Zechariah 14:16. Who are those COMMENT: In this psalm YEHOVAH
going up to Jerusalem from year to year God is depicted as ascending Zion to be
worshiping? ENTHRONED in the TEMPLE as KING of the
COMMENT: The theological thrust of entire earth. The blast of the shofar is used here
the early Judeans within their synagogue to REMIND the people that YEHOVAH God is
services for the DAY OF TRUMPETS was the sovereign -- judges the nations of the earth from
fact that YEHOVAH God rules over all and that His holy throne in the Temple: “God has gone up
He is the KING of kings. During services on this with a shout, the LORD [YEHOVAH] with the

The Feast of Trumpets -- Return and Enthronement of YEHOVAH God and His Messiah!
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