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Test 2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

7. Immediately after Nimrod’s death who C. During the Israelites’ captivity in Egypt.
became the priestess of the Sun? D. During the first century of our era.

A. Jezebel. Lesson 6
B. Deborah. The Lost Sheep
C. Saul’s wife.
D. Nimrod’s wife. 13. The Psalmists used the word “sheep” in
speaking about --
8. Sunday commemorates the kind of “rest”
Satan has in mind for mankind -- which is A. the Samaritans.
B. the Israel people.
A. eternal death. C. the Judeans.
B. everlasting life. D. the Babylonians.
C. the Millennium.
D. paradise. 14. The Old Testament Hebrew word “raah” is
translated as --
9. Satan’s planetary week --
A. shepherds.
A. is the same as that of creation. B. flock.
B. hides YEHOVAH’s true lunar week. C. people.
C. was introduced by Pope Gregory. D. pastors.
D. was kept by the Israelites when they came
out of Egypt. 15. What Greek word in the New Testament is
translated as “pastors” and “shepherds”?
10. Who was directly responsible for the
ultimate widespread observance of Sunday A. apollumi.
which prevails today? B. probaton.
C. poimen.
A. Julius Caesar. D. diatheke.
B. Alexander the “Great”.
C. Constantine the “Great”. 16. Yeshua the Messiah was sent to seek and
D. Charlemagne the “Great”. save what people?

11. In ancient mythology Saturn was none A. The House of Israel.
other than -- B. The Canaanites.
C. The House of Herod.
A. Shem. D. The Edomites.
B. Nimrod.
C. Noah. 17. Mankind became spiritually dead because
D. Ham. of whose sin?

12. When did the planetary week become an A. Cain’s.
established institution? B. Nimrod’s.
C. Semiramis’.
A. During the time of Julius Caesar. D. Adam’s.
B. At the time of Pope Gregory.
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