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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 2

studied. If you find any difficult questions, then A. a white lamb.
REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect you to B. a roaring lion.
do so! C. a chaste young virgin.
Once you have finished going over the D. a politically active organization.
questions, TRANSFER your marks from the
margins of this question section onto the 2. Satan the Devil is often referred to as --
enclosed ANSWER SHEET. You are to SEND
ONLY THE ANSWER SHEET in to us when A. “the dragon.”
filled out. B. the savior of mankind.
Be sure to handle your answer sheet C. the Shekinah Glory.
carefully at all times. A SMOOTH SHEET aids D. the purveyor of extra Biblical truth.
us in grading. It will then be RETURNED to
you. 3. What did Satan, the serpent, associate
Those who do not send in answers to the himself with?
tests, or those who show by a very low number of
correct answers that they are not particularly A. The moon.
interested, will obviously have to be dropped B. The sun.
from the Course. C. Mars.
Notice that the questions are divided into D. Jupiter.
four parts — corresponding to the last four
lessons. We advise you not to cover more than 4. When YEHOVAH God originally gave man
one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time to His seven-day week it was pegged to --
understand each question.
Here are two EXAMPLES TO SHOW A. the solar calendar.
YOU HOW TO MARK the Answer Sheet. B. the Julian calendar.
Read the FIRST QUESTION of this test. C. the lunar calendar.
The right answer to select, this time, is “C.” Now D. the Gregorian calendar.
look at your answer sheet -- observe the “X” in
the square TO THE RIGHT of question 1, and 5. Where did Satan begin his perversion of
UNDER C. It is already correctly marked for YEHOVAH’s week?
Here is the second example: Notice A. Rome. .
question 2 on this page. The correct answer is B. Sodom.
“A.” Answer “A” is also marked correctly for C. Judea.
you! D. Babylon.
That’s all there is to it! It’s very simple
and fast. 6. Satan influenced his agents to set aside
The procedure for marking your answer which days of the planetary week for his
sheet IS ALWAYS the same. Now continue with worship?
question 3...
A. Monday and Wednesday.
Lesson 5 B. Saturday and Sunday.
How Did Sunday Observance Begin? C. Tuesday and Thursday.
D. Friday.

1. YEHOVAH’s True Church is pictured as --
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