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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 2

D. He would have been consigned to the depths A. the Roman (Gregorian) Calendar count of 1
of hell. through 7 recurring is being used.
B. the Julian Calendar is being used.
37. What is the heritage of those who are C. the calendar being used must be lunar in
Abraham’s “seed” through the Messiah? nature.
D. the Egyptian solar calendar is being used.
A. Eternal inheritance of heaven.
B. Eternal inheritance of this earth. 42. The 15th day of the lunar month is the day
C. Our own personal place or room in of --
YEHOVAH’s heavenly mansion.
D. A chance to become more powerful than A. the New Moon.
YEHOVAH God Himself. B. the dark moon.
C. the last quarter.
38. Sextus Julius Frontinus, Dio Cassius and D. the full moon.
Josephus all inform us that in 70 A.D.
Jerusalem fell to the Romans --

A. on the anniversary of Rome’s foundation.
B. on the Sabbath day of Elul 22 .
C. on the day of the New Moon.
D. on the Sabbath day of Elul 8.

39. At the time of the Messiah’s death what
does John 19:31 in the New Testament point

A That the weekly Sabbath and the first day of
Unleavened Bread fell on the same day.
B. That keeping the first day of Unleavened
Bread only satisfied the Fourth Commandment.
C. That the weekly Sabbath fell on a different
day to the 15th of Nisan.
D. That the weekly Sabbath was not the focus
of this verse.

40. The Greek word for the weekly Sabbath is:
Answers to Questions in Lesson 8:
A. Sabuath.
B. Sabbaton. 1. lunar phases. 2. visible 3. Nisan 15.
C. Shabattum. 4. always 5. 15th 6. The Sabbath 7.
D. Shabat. any day 8. morrow after, 16th 9. 16th
10. habit, custom 11. 22nd 12. The
41. If the weekly Sabbath falls on the 15th two Sabbath 13. same 14. Yes 15. sign
or more consecutive months in a row, then -- 16. The resurrected Messiah 17. Yes
18. Sabbath, 8th
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