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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 2

18. What nations were divorced by Lesson 7
YEHOVAH God and sent into captivity? YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day --
Part 1
A. Syria and Jordan.
B. Israel and Judah. 23. What does resting from our daily labors on
C. Egypt and Nubia. YEHOVAH’s Sabbath day picture?
D. Edom and Greece.
A. A time to take part in physical activities we
19. In the New Testament who wrote to the neglect during the week.
“strangers” in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, B. A time to vist with relatives and friends.
Asia and Bithynia? C. Rest from the corporate rat-race.
D. Rest from our struggles against sin.
A. The apostle Peter.
B. The apostle Paul. 24. What will we become when we are “born”
C. Luke the historian. into YEHOVAH’s Kingdom?
D. The apostle James.
A. Very sons of YEHOVAH God.
20. What parables in the New Testament show B. Residents of the heavenly realm.
that sin caused Israel to become spiritually C. Angelic beings.
lost? D. Part of YEHOVAH’s trinity.

A. The Parable of the Lamp and Light. 25. Of all of YEHOVAH’s commandments,
B. The Parable of the Lost Coin. Sabbath-keeping is the one that --
C. The Parable of the Lost Son.
D. The Parable of the Neighbor and the Good A. all people look forward to observing.
Samaritan. B. YEHOVAH stresses the least.
C. appeals the least to carnal man.
21. What were the similarities between the D. only true Israelites will keep in
“sheep” of the Old and New Testaments? YEHOVAH’s Kingdom.

A. Both were descended from Ham. 26. YEHOVAH God has allotted how many
B. Both were guaranteed eternal life no matter years of His Plan for carnal man to experience
what they did. the “fruits” of his own labors?
C. Both were refused entry into the Kingdom
of YEHOVAH God. A. 6,000 years.
D. Both were to be “fed” by shepherds B. 2,000 years.
(pastors). C. 7,000 years.
D. 100 years.
22. YEHOVAH God entered into a covenant
relationship with the nation of -- 27. YEHOVAH’s true Sabbath is a --

A. Israel. A. day which the Israelites always observed.
B. Egypt. B. sign which identifies His people.
C. Syria. C. time that is also kept by most Moslems.
D. Assyria. D. Day that the Roman Catholic Church has
always venerated.
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