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Lesson 27 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

Acts 7:35. covered by the Messiah’s blood!
4. Is Moses therefore referred to as a 7. When YEHOVAH divided the Red
TYPE of the Messiah? Acts 7:37. The word Sea so the children of Israel could pass through
“prophet” refers to the Messiah. Note the words, (Exodus 14:21-22), were they FEARFUL?
“Like unto me." Also see Acts 3:20-22. What Psalms 78:53. Did they TRUST YEHOVAH
did YEHOVAH God commission Yeshua the God to keep the walls of water from crashing
Messiah to deliver us from? Romans 3:24-25. down upon them? Hebrews 11:29.
COMMENT: Moses, commissioned by 8. What happened to the Egyptians who
YEHOVAH God to deliver Israel from pursued the Israelites? Exodus 14:26-28.
PHYSICAL bondage, was a TYPE pointing to COMMENT: Here we see Pharaoh and
the Messiah -- whom YEHOVAH also commis- his army, who represented the SIN of Egypt in
sioned to deliver repentant believers from which Israel had lived, buried in a watery grave.
SPIRITUAL bondage! How wonderfully this typifies the symbolism of
5. What did Moses say when the Christian baptism! “Knowing this, that our old
Israelites became fearful of Pharaoh’s oncoming man [our old SINFUL carnal self] is crucified
army? Exodus 14:13-14. Did YEHOVAH tell [KILLED and buried by baptism] with him [the
them to bog down, give up, and QUIT, giving up Messiah], that the body of sin might be
all hope of escaping the Egyptians? Or
to go forward in obedience, TRUST-
ING Him and His POWER to deliver
them? Verses 15-16.
likewise tells us TO GO FORWARD in
OBEDIENCE TO HIM, trusting Him
and His Power -- the holy spirit -- to
deliver us! But the churches of this
world believe and practice the very
opposite. They teach there is
NOTHING more for us to do other than
to ACCEPT the Messiah and
BELIEVE in his shed blood for the
remission of our sins.
6. What external help did the
Israelites receive from YEHOVAH SIN LEFT BEHIND. Pharaoh’s army being destroyed and
God to protect them from Pharaoh and buried by the waters of the Red Sea.
his army? Exodus 14:19-20.
COMMENT: The angel of the Lord in DESTROYED, that hence forth we should NOT
the cloud had gone before the Israelites in order SERVE SIN" (Romans 6:6).
to show them the way. Now he went behind 9. Therefore, isn’t Israel’s deliverance
them, between them and their enemies, to from Egypt (a type of sin) through the WATERS
PROTECT them. of the Sea clearly a type of Christian baptism
True Christians need external help today, today? I Corinthians 10:1-2.
too -- and very desperately! What we need is COMMENT: YEHOVAH God often
YEHOVAH’s holy spirit to help us keep required many of the Old Testament prophets,
ourselves from falling into the clutches of future including Moses, to ACT out the things that He
sins, once our past sins have been forgiven and would bring to pass in the future (see Ezekiel

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