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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 27

4:1-17; 5:1-4). Likewise, YEHOVAH requires LY what it implied. Those John baptized had
those who now sincerely want to have their past truly REPENTED of their past sins and were
sins blotted out and covered by the Messiah’s actually forgiven by YEHOVAH God. But they
blood, to perform the PHYSICAL act of did not yet receive the holy spirit -- the power to
baptism! It impresses the MEANING of baptism overcome sin in their nature, and to master
upon them, and is an OUTWARD SIGN themselves -- for the holy spirit was not made
showing that they have truly repented and available until AFTER the Messiah’s
believed in the Messiah’s sacrifice for their sins. resurrection (John 7:38:39).
And so the passing of the Israelites The account in Luke 1:77 clearly states
through the Red Sea, and the drowning of that John the Baptist was sent “To give
Pharaoh and his army in a watery “grave” knowledge of salvation unto His people BY
(symbolizing the destruction of our “old man,” THE REMISSION OF THEIR SINS." John was
or past life of SIN) clearly TYPIFY New simply preaching REPENTANCE FROM SIN!
Testament WATER BAPTISM! His message was preparing a people to receive
and obey THE MESSIAH when he started his
John’s Baptism ministry, thus PREPARING the way for his
Just before the appearance of the
Messiah, and the subsequent arrival of the holy Baptism a New Testament Command!
spirit, YEHOVAH God commissioned John the
Baptist to administer a SPECIAL TYPE of Now that this foundation of
baptism -- the “baptism of REPENTANCE.” understanding has been laid, let’s learn exactly
Let’s understand why. what Yeshua the Messiah COMMANDS US
1. Was John the Baptist a prophet of TODAY concerning water baptism.
YEHOVAH God? Luke 1:63, 76. Was he sent 1. Did Yeshua set an example for us in all
to proclaim and PREPARE the way for Yeshua things to show us that we should walk -- live -- as
the Messiah? Verse 76 and Matthew 3: 1-3. he did? I Peter 2:21 and I John 2:6. Was he
2. Was John also sent to BAPTIZE with baptized? Matthew 3:13-16.
water? John 1:33. COMMENT: Even though Yeshua had
COMMENT: Remember that baptism committed no sins to repent of, he was baptized,
symbolizes BURIAL of the old carnal, sinful SETTING AN EXAMPLE FOR US TO
self. It is the outward expression of INWARD FOLLOW! This was the ONLY purpose for his
repentance. baptism.
3. Who sent John and gave him authority 2. After his resurrection, Yeshua gave his
to baptize? Luke 3:2-3 and Matthew 21:25-26. twelve apostles the final gospel commission for
COMMENT: The chief priests and this age. In it, did he COMMAND his disciples
elders knew John was a prophet sent by to BAPTIZE repentant believers? Matthew
YEHOVAH God, but would not acknowledge 28:19-20 and Mark 16:16. What is the ultimate
the fact. If they had, they would also have been fate of those who won’t believe? Verse 16.
acknowledging that the Messiah’s authority COMMENT: The Messiah plainly
came from YEHOVAH God -- which they COMMANDED baptism!
REFUSED to do! 3. What was Peter’s COMMAND to the
4. Just exactly what was the MESSAGE repentant believers on theDay of Pentecost?
John preached? Mark 1:4-5 and Matthew 3:11. Acts 2:38.
COMMENT: John’s message was the 4. Do we find that repentant believers
“baptism of REPENTANCE.” It was EXACT- were always baptized? Acts 2:41; 8:5, 12.

The Meaning of Baptism
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