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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 27

lieving on him” is NOT ENOUGH -- not came upon -- and INTO -- the disciples that
according to your own Bible! Which will you morning, the people came in awe and wonder to
believe -- the doctrines and traditions of MEN? see what had occurred. Then Peter preached to
Or the very word of the Messiah himself? the multitude gathered there. Thousands were
The Bible clearly teaches that YEHO- convicted in their hearts. They realized their lost
VAH God COMMANDS water baptism! Let’s condition. They realized Yeshua was indeed the
begin to understand how vitally important water Messiah -- their SAVIOR!
baptism really is in YEHOVAH’s Plan of “What shall we do?” they cried out to
salvation for mankind. Peter and the disciples.
Peter was now INSPIRED by the holy
Baptism a Required Step spirit. The answer came straight and clear.
“REPENT,” shouted Peter, “and be
Notice the very beginning of the Gospel BAPTIZED EVERY ONE OF YOU in the name
of Yeshua the Messiah (Mark 1:14-15). Yeshua of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye
proclaimed: “REPENT ye, and BELIEVE the shall RECEIVE the gift of the holy spirit" (Acts
Gospel.” Here Yeshua commanded two prior 2:38).
conditions to becoming a Christian -- repentance This account recorded by Luke
and faith. emphasized repentance as a condition to
Repentance is toward YEHOVAH God. becoming a Christian. But they also BE-
We know sin is the transgression of LIEVED, since one cannot be baptized
YEHOVAH’s Spiritual Law (I John 3:4). EXCEPT he believe in the Messiah (Acts 8:37).
Repentance means to QUIT SINNING and Baptism is a commanded ordinance symbolizing
begin living according to YEHOVAH God’s FAITH in the death, burial and resurrection of
Commandments. Faith is toward the Messiah. It the Messiah.
is our FIRM BELIEF in the sacrifice of Yeshua Once these conditions are complied
the Messiah for our past sins. It is our FIRM with, YEHOVAH God stands bound by His
BELIEF in his resurrection from the dead. It is immutable PROMISE to put within the
our BELIEF in him as our personal Savior and repentant believer HIS SPIRIT of love, faith,
coming High Priest and king. understanding, gentleness and goodness. It is the
Yeshua also said “believe the GOSPEL.” impregnation and begettal of ETERNAL life!
The Gospel is the Good News of the coming And the holy spirit in one is the POWER that
Kingdom of YEHOVAH God, which is the enables one to OVERCOME his human nature
government involves obedience to LAWS, in MISE is unto you, and to your children... even as
this case YEHOVAH’s Laws which express the many as the Lord our God shall call" (Acts
will of YEHOVAH God. It is to be government 2:39).
by the WILL OF YEHOVAH GOD, no longer Water baptism, then, is a REQUIRED
by human self-will, for YEHOVAH God will step in YEHOVAH’s Plan of salvation!
then be King of all the earth! In this extremely important and
After the Messiah had completed his revealing lesson, we will come to fully
ministry, had paid the penalty for the sins of all understand exactly what YEHOVAH God
mankind, had risen from the dead and ascended commands concerning water baptism. We’ll
to heaven, the holy spirit was sent on the Day of learn, from the Bible, what baptism really
Pentecost -- just as the Messiah had promised. MEANS to all who want to become true
Thousands were in Jerusalem for this Christians and inheritors of the Kingdom of
festival. When the spirit of YEHOVAH God YEHOVAH God.

The Meaning of Baptism
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