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Lesson 27 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

Are you willing to quit arguing and water over the head of an infant. Meanwhile, in
reasoning with your Maker and say, “Yes, another church across town, a minister and two
LORD, THY WILL BE DONE”? candidates for baptism stepped down into a tank
To really be “Christians,” we need to of water. The minister then proceeded to
study the Bible, noticing especially the example completely IMMERSE them under the water.
and teaching of the Messiah. We need to Were either of these methods of
REPENT of our ways and surrender our lives to “baptism” VALID in YEHOVAH’s sight?
YEHOVAH God in BAPTISM that we may Why such CONFUSION about baptism
receive His Spirit to guide us in following His in the churches today? What IS water baptism all
way as revealed in His Word. about? And is it really necessary for salvation?
VAH’s Truth is -- in a sense -- DANGEROUS Millions Deceived!
KNOWLEDGE! For this knowledge carries
with it great responsibility. May YEHOVAH Millions today are worshipping Yeshua
God grant you the HONESTY and COURAGE the Messiah IN VAIN! Do you believe this
to ACT on what you know! astounding statement? Yeshua said: “IN VAIN
do they WORSHIP me, teaching for doctrines
WHY WATER BAPTISM? the commandments of men" (Mark 7:7).
Yes, MILLIONS have been deceived
WHY be baptized? What is baptism? Is it and misled into thinking they are “saved” when
a religious “rite” -- an INITIATION into some they’re not! Most professing Christians have
church? Should a person be sprinkled, poured been taught that “Christ completed the plan of
upon, or immersed? What is a valid baptism in salvation on the cross” -- that all they must do is
YEHOVAH God’s sight? just accept and believe on the NAME of Yeshua
the Messiah and they will be saved.
Utter Confusion What a tremendous lack of Bible under-
“Repent!” screamed a panting, perspir- Just “accepting” the Messiah and “be-
ing evangelist to a crowd of avid
followers in Brooklyn, New York. Ukranian Orthodox priest “baptizing” a baby. Is “pouring”
It was a hot, steamy, sweltering a valid form of baptism? Read on in this lesson to learn the
day. The heat assailed them in waves truth from your Bible.
from the blistering pavement under
their feet. Finally, a plea for RE-
PENTANCE was made. Dozens of
people stepped forward, tears
streaming down their faces.
Having secured permission
from the city fire department, the
evangelist hooked a hose to a fire
hydrant and SPRAYED the whole
crowd with water -- “baptizing” them!
Was this baptism valid?
In another ceremony down the
street, inside a church building, a pastor
graciously SPRINKLED a few drops of

The Meaning of Baptism
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