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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 13

ISRAEL”). This is verified in verse 35 when are related to the prophets? And of the covenant
Gamaliel addresses them as Israelites (”Ye men which YEHOVAH God made with whom?
of ISRAEL”). COMMENT: In the above verses, it is
obvious that Peter recognized these Judean
people as ISRAELITES (”men of Israel”). In
The Sanhedrin
verses 13-15 he charges them with delivering
the Messiah up, denying him before Pilate, and
The Sanhedrin was the Judean high
killing him. In verse 17 Peter calls these people
court or supreme council. It consisted of the
“brethren” and admonishes them in verse 19 to
high priest (usually the presiding officer),
repent and be converted. In verse 25 he
members of the high priestly families, older
identifies them further as ISRAELITES by
men (elders), the heads of the tribes and
saying they are the descendants of the prophets
families, the scribes and teachers of the law.
and the “fathers” with whom YEHOVAH God
This body had civil, administrative and
made the covenant through Abraham.
judicial authority and wielded great power
9. Read Acts 4:1-22. According to verse
over the people.
4, how many of the JUDEAN people believed
what Peter preached?
3. Read Acts, chapter 2. Verse 5 states 10. Verses 5-7 indicate the Judean
that there were Judeans, “devout men, out of leaders gathered themselves together and
every nation under heaven” dwelling in what brought Peter and John before them for
city? questioning. In verse 8 Peter addresses them as
4. The word “dwelling” in verse 5, “Ye RULERS of the people, and ELDERS” of
translated from the Greek word katoikeo -- what nation?
#2730 in Strong’s Concordance -- means what? 11. In verse 10 what does Peter say they
5. In verse 14 Peter addresses these men (the rulers and elders) did to the Messiah?
as “Ye men” of what nation, “and all ye that COMMENT: In these verses we see,
dwell at Jerusalem...”? again, JUDEAN people and their leaders being
6. In verse 22 Peter continues talking to referred to as ISRAELITES. We also see further
these men by saying, “Ye men” of where? evidence that a considerable number of these
COMMENT: In the above verses, Peter Judeans believed because of Peter’s preaching.
is talking to residents of JUDEA -- mostly from It would make no sense whatsoever for Peter to
Jerusalem -- and he calls them “men of ISRAEL address these JUDEANS as “men of ISRAEL”
(Israelites). He goes on to tell them things and “elders of ISRAEL” if they were not really
pertaining to the ISRAEL people, and he calls ISRAELITES!!
them “brethren” in verse 29. Verse 41 tells us From the scriptures we have examined, it
that “about three thousand” of them repented and is CLEAR that many of the Judeans -- both in
were baptized. Surely Peter knew to whom he Judea and elsewhere -- were in fact RACIAL
was talking -- they were JUDEAN ISRAEL- ISRAELITES. This is not to say that all Judeans
ITES! were purebred Israelites, since the area was also
7. Read, now, Acts chapter 3.Verses inhabited by non-Israelites and many inter-
1-11 record the healing of the lame man and how cultural, inter-tribal marriages took place. We
all the people were filled with wonder and must also keep in mind that proselytizing was a
amazement. In verse 12 Peter addresses these COMMON practice among some Judeans (see
JUDEAN people by calling them “Ye men” of Matthew 23:15), which resulted in NON-
what country? ISRAELITES adopting the Judean religion and
8. In verse 25, how does Peter say they culture. It is quite possible that some of these

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