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Lesson 13 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

of government, which plundered and preyed Messiah and his disciples had to say about these
upon the general populace, formed the setting of Judeans and WHY they hated the Messiah and
the Messiah’s ministry and the events recorded his followers.
in the New Testament. One of the CORRUPT
doctrines of the Judean religious leaders The Judeans Were NOT “Jews”
involved the belief that righteousness could be
obtained only by Judeans. Before closing this lesson, we need to
1. Read Romans 2:17-29. In verse 28 further address the issue of whether the so-called
Paul says, “For he is NOT a Judean, which is “Jews” of today are related to the JUDEAN
one...” WHAT? “Neither is that circumcision ISRAELITES mentioned in the New Testament.
which is outward in the...” WHAT? As pointed out in Lesson 2, the people known as
2. Paul continues, in verse 29, to say that “JEWS” today have very little, if any, common
he is a Judean, which is one what? And that ancestry with the Judeans of the first century
circumcision is that of what? A.D., and especially with the Judean Israelites.
COMMENT: In the above verses, Paul Many modern Jews are of Oriental and/or
is DEFINING a “true” Judean. He is Negroid stock. Many others (particularly
distinguishing between TWO natures or spirits -- Western Jewry) can trace their ancestry back to
the carnally minded person (”old man”) versus the ANCIENT KHAZARS -- a people of
the spiritually minded (”new man”). The former TURKISH stock. The truth of the matter is that a
attempts to gain righteousness through the VAST NUMBER of modern so-called “Jews”
“LETTER” of the law and seeks the praise of represent a MIXTURE of racial ancestry -- as
men, while the latter receives righteousness they have readily admitted. These facts explode
through FAITH and seeks YEHOVAH’s the popular myth that the Jews represent “a race”
approval. Here, Paul is describing a TRUE of people, namely those descended from the
Christian believer -- one of the Messiah’s sheep. tribe of JUDAH. In fact, they consist of a
3. Read Romans 2:6-13. Paul, in VARIETY OF RACES and MIXED RACES,
referring to Judean Israelites and Greek which fact alone is sufficient to disqualify them
Israelites, says in verse 11 that there is no as being capable of fulfilling ISRAEL prophecy
WHAT of persons with YEHOVAH God? today.
4. And Peter, speaking of Judean As noted in the second lesson, the term
Israelites and non-Judean Israelites, says in Acts “Jew” was NOT coined and used until hundreds
10:34 that YEHOVAH God is no WHAT of of years AFTER the first century A.D. It has
persons? been ERRONEOUSLY substituted for the word
COMMENT: Christian belief is not “Judean” in the Bible and FALSELY equated
dependent on being a JUDEAN Israelite. with the terms “Hebrew” and “Israelite” for so
Obviously, from the above two passages from many years that the majority of the civilized
the Bible, Paul and Peter agreed that BOTH world is COMPLETELY brainwashed and
Judean and non-Judean Israelites can be ignorant of this misrepresentation. The words
Christians -- the Messiah’s sheep! “Jewish,” “Jewry” and “Judaism” are similarly
In Lesson 15 we will examine more of RECENT origin.
closely the religion of the CORRUPTED About the ONLY significant connection
Judeans. We will look at some of their specific between the so-called “Jews” of today and the
doctrinal positions and religious practices and “JUDEANS” of New Testament times is their
see how they related to those of other PAGAN religions. After the Roman destruction of
religions and to MODERN Judeo-Christian Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Judean “nation”
beliefs. We will also discover what Yeshua the ENDED, leaving only scattered adherents of the

The Judeans of the New Testament
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