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Lesson 13 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

converts may have attained influential positions 1. Read Acts, chapter 10. In verse 28
within Judean society, including leadership Peter says to Cornelius’ friends, “Ye know how
roles. that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a
JUDEAN to keep company, or come unto one of
Judeans Believed another”...what?
2. Verse 45 tells us that the JUDEANS
We have already seen Biblical evidence which believed were astonished because the gift
showing that the Gospel was preached to of the holy spirit was poured out on whom?
JUDEANS -- some of whom believed and turned COMMENT: In the preceding story
to the Messiah. Consider the following Peter is talking to Cornelius and his friends, who
additional examples. were NOT followers of Judean culture. It was a
1. Read Acts 11:19-21. According to traditional JUDEAN CUSTOM to not associate
verse 19, how far did those “who were scattered with those who were not Judeans (undoubtedly
abroad” (see Acts 8:1) travel? part of their self-righteous oral traditions). This
2. Verse 19 also indicates that these men is what Peter was referring to in verse 28. The
preached the word ONLY to whom? word “NATION” is rendered from the Greek
3. Verse 21 says that “a great number” of word allophulos (#246 in Strong’s
these Judeans did what? Concordance), meaning “foreign.” It comes
4. Read Acts 21:17-21. In verses 17-19 from the two Greek words allos (#243), meaning
Paul explains to the elders in Jerusalem the great “different,” and phule (#5443), meaning “an
work that YEHOVAH God “had wrought” by offshoot, i.e. race or clan.”
his ministry to what people? Peter then explains how YEHOVAH
5. In verse 20 these elders say to Paul -- God, through a vision, told him it was not right
“Thou seest, brother, how many...JUDEANS for Judeans to look upon those who were not of
there are which BELIEVE...” How many were their culture as common (profane) or unclean
there? (impure), thus suggesting they were religiously
6. Read Acts 28:16-24. In verse 17, inferior. This is illustrated further in verses
while Paul was in Rome, he called together the 45-48 where the non-Judeans believed the
chief of what people? Gospel, received YEHOVAH’s spirit and were
7. Then, in the same verse, Paul baptized. In this context “JUDEAN” (the
addresses them as “Men and...” what? Paul goes circumcision) refers to those adhering to
to say that he committed nothing against the JUDEAN CULTURE while “GENTILES”
customs of whom? (nations) is a reference to people who do not.
8. After preaching about the Messiah and 3. Read Acts 11:1-18. Verse 1 indicates
the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God (verse 23) we that the apostles and brethren in what nation
read, in verse 24, that some of the JUDEANS heard that the word of YEHOVAH God was
did what when they heard “the things which accepted by those who were not Judeans (not of
were spoken”? the Judean culture)?
4. Verses 2-3 explain how these
Peter’s Vision JUDEANS (”those that were of the...” what?)
“contended” with Peter about his association
The story of Peter’s vision and his visit with non-Judeans (”men UNCIRCUMCISED”).
with the Roman centurion Cornelius provides 5. After Peter explained his experience to
additional information on the usage of the term them (verses 4-16), verse 18 states that they
“JUDEAN.” “held their peace” and did WHAT because of the
“repentance unto life” which YEHOVAH God

The Judeans of the New Testament
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