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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 13

Judean religious culture. The oral law of the
Pharisees (the tradition of the elders) was
codified and preserved in writing and became
known as the TALMUD. Thus, Pharisaism
became Talmudism, and Talmudism developed
into what is known today as the religion of
With the fall of the Judean nation in 70
A.D., the Judean religious culture began seeking
other homelands. It received a tremendous
revival in the eighth century when the vast and
powerful KHAZAR EMPIRE embraced the
so-called “Jewish” faith, making Judaism the
state religion. (A detailed history of the Khazars
is presented in the books The Jews of Khazaria
by Kevin Alan Brook and The Thirteenth Tribe
by Arthur Koestler). Judaism, revolving around
the largest collection of ANTI-CHRISTIAN
teachings extant, including the Talmud, is
nothing more than a modern version of ancient
by a MIXTURE of predominantly NON-
ISRAELITISH people masquerading as
descendants of the Biblical Hebrews!


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