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Lesson 13 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Judeans of the New Testament

LESSON 13 Then came the Assyrian and Babylonian
Judea and Its People invasions, leading to the deportation of most of
the Israelites and the bringing in of non-Israelite
The word “Judea” is translated from the people (see II Kings and II Chronicles). During
Greek word loudaia. Strong’s Concordance the Israelite captivity, neighboring peoples also
defines this word (#2449) as “the Judean land moved into this area. Later, several groups of
(i.e. Judea), a region of Palestine.” Obviously, Israelites returned to the area to rebuild the
Judea refers to a GEOGRAPHICAL land area. Temple and walls of Jerusalem (see Ezra and
The following map indicates the location of this Nehemiah). Years later, descendants from ALL
territory. Logically -- and by definition -- the these groups resided in New Testament Judea
people inhabiting this area were called and were known as “JUDEANS.” Obviously,
“Judeans” (mistakenly called “Jews” in most NOT ALL were of Israelite ancestry, but many
Bibles) as explained in Lesson 2. were (as we will soon see).

The Secondary Meaning of “Judean”

At this point we need to expand our
understanding of the use of the word “Judean.”
We know that the term “Judean” was
PRIMARILY geographical in nature in that it
referred to residents of Judea. However, the term
was also used for anyone ADHERING TO or
FOLLOWING the culture of the Judeans. In
this sense, the New Testament refers to people
outside of Judea as “Judeans” because they
believed in and practiced the religious doctrines
and customs of the Judean culture -- the
authority of which was centered at Jerusalem.
These were people who, although residing
beyond Judea, gave their allegiance and support
to the Judean political-religious system or
culture and recognized its authority. A few Bible
references will illustrate this SECONDARY
meaning and usage.
1. Read Acts 13:1-5. According to verse
4, what country did Barnabas and Saul sail to?
New Testament Judea was inhabited by a 2. Where, in Salamis, did they preach the
variety of people. In Old Testament times, this Word of YEHOVAH God in? Verse 5.
area was occupied by the ancient Israelites. After COMMENT: In this lessons we use the
the split of the Israel nation, this land area was CORRECT term “Judeans” rather than the
included in the southern Kingdom of Judah. MISUSED term “Jews” as found in most
modern Bibles.

The Judeans of the New Testament
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