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America and Britain -- The Meaning of Names
Ancient Britons and Proto-Celts
Ancient Britons and Proto-Celts Were Israelites!
An Exclusive Israel and the Book of Galatians
Apostles and the Lost Sheep: A Key That Unlocks the Bible
A Sacred Nation
Biblical/Israelite Origin of the White Race
Britain and the European Union -- A Different Take on Revelation 18:4!
British-Israel Doctrinal Problems
Children of the Mist: The Story of the Scottish Highlanders!
Christianity, Paganism, Torah Faith, and the Return of the Lost Tribes
Classical Records of the Origins of the Scythians, Parthians and Related Tribes
Could the Modern Jews Be Israel?
Danes and Jutes: Dan and Judah-Dan
DNA of Europe and "True Jews"?
Does Queen Elizabeth II Sit On a Throne of King David?
Enemies at the Back Door
Ephraim and Manasseh: Role Reversal Refuted!
Ezekiel's Forgotten Prophecy of the House of Israel
Ezekiel's Temple and Sacrifices: Will Temple Sacrifices Resume in the Millenium?
Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones: What Does It Mean?
Fission Or Fusion? The Destiny of Israel's Tribes
From the Kingdom of Agrippa to Norway
Gathering of the Godless: A False View of Israel's Restoration
Gathering of the Tribes -- Including Simeon
Hebraic Origin of the English Language
Heirs of Jacob-Israel
Herodotus, Scythians, Persians & Prophecy
Holland Identified With the Tribe of Zebulon
"Holy Kingdom"
Hosea -- "The Jeremiah of Israel"
How Israel Came to Britain
"In Thee Shall All the Nations of the Earth Be Blessed"?
Introduction of Christianity Into Great Britain
Is Israel a Chosen Servant Race to "Save the World"?
Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue
Israelite Origins of the Russian Empire!
Israelites Were White!
Israel's Trek Westward
Israel's Tribes Today
ISRAEL: The Wife of YEHOVAH God!
Israel -- YEHOVAH God's Sovereign Choice!
Jacob and the Pillar-Crypts of Crete!
Jeremiah in Ireland -- Fact Or Fabrication? (Part One)
Jeremiah in Ireland -- Fact Or Fabrication? (Part Two)
Jonah and the Exile of the Lost Ten Tribes
Joseph of Arimathea and King David's Throne In Britain!
Judah -- The Really Lost Tribe!
Lost Israel's "Further Country"
Mapping Israel's Migrations: Israel's Ancient Highways Into Europe
Mottoes and Symbols of Manasseh-America
New Testament Gentiles and the House of Israel
Nordic Israel
Origin of the Saxons
Our Great Inheritance: Europe -- the Alternative Vision
Part of the Tribe of Menashe Discovered In North-East India
Physical Charactersitics of True Israelites
Power of Propaganda
Queen Elizabeth II -- A Daughter of Destiny!
Ransomed from the Grave: A Prophecy for the Nations of Israel!
Ruth Was An Israelite!
Sons of Joseph
"STONE KINGDOM" Throughout the Ages!
Strangers, Pilgrims and Israel
Sweden and the Multicultural Mistake!
Sweden: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed State
Symbolism of the Fig Tree
Ten Prophetic Clues Concerning Asher -- Walloons (Belgians)
Ten Prophetic Clues Concerning Issachar -- Frisians
That Unfortunate Word "GENTILE"
The Basques
The Camouflaged Nation
The "Caucasians" of Today Are the Lost Tribes of Israel!
The Danaans
The Family of Odin
The Gathering of Israel
The Gospel Preached to Abraham
The Greatness of Britain and America
The Great Trek
The Israelite Mummies of the Tarim Basin
The Lifting of the Veil: Israel Has Been Veiled, Masked, Lost or Camouflaged!
The Missing Simeonites
The Modern Descendants of Zara-Judah
The Mysterious Tribe of DAN!
The Mystery of the Servant of the LORD
The OTHER Exodus -- The Forgotten History of the Danite Exodus from Egypt!
The Rainbow of Invasion Morning
The Real Diaspora!
The Restoration of Greek History
The Sephardic Awakening In America
The Sonnini Manuscript
The Stone That Roared -- The Incredible Story of Lia-Fail!
The Tribe of Judah Passed Through Germany On Its Way to Britain!
The Trojan Origins of European Royalty!
The TRUE Jews: Where Are They?
The Unknown Exile
The USA & the British Commonwealth in Bible Prophecy
The USA-Zion Deception
The White Western Man!
Twelve Tribes! Twelve Tribes!
Twentieth Century Vikings
United States and the British Empire FORETOLD in the Bible!
WANDERING DAN: Biblical Roots of the Irish, Welsh and Related Peoples
Was Ollamh Fodhla King David of Israel?
Was There MORE Than One Exodus Out of Egypt?
We Must STOP the Islamic Infiltration NOW!
Were the Israelites Black?
What Happened to the Gates?
What Happened to the Tribe of Judah?
What If America's Founders Had Settled in Russia?
Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go?
Which Way Did Israel Go?
WHO and WHERE Are the Twelve Tribes of Israel?
Who Are the Present-Day Scots Anyway?
Who Were the Ancient Irish?
Who Were the Scots?
Why Are People Blind to Their True Origins?
Wind of Change in Africa


YEHOVAH's People Israel -- The "Stone Kingdom" of Daniel Two!
Zebulon -- Holland: A Study of Ten Prophetic Clues