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Our Great Inheritance

Europe -- the Alternative Vision

When we view the great history of Britain in the Isles of the west and remember the promise that the birthright was Joseph's (I Chronicles 5:2), we see confirmed that "The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance" (Romans 11:29).

by Michael A. Clark

It is a remarkable fact of European history that civilization sprang from this continent to become a global phenomenon. The rise of Christian civilization and the codification of law provided the foundation for exploration and the expansion of trade around the whole world. The great movement of peoples ever westward by land and sea is clear evidence of a pattern and purpose. This movement throughout Europe over the centuries has not been considered by students in general for its prophetic significance, yet it is essential to an understanding of the main factor in the emergence of this world embracing civilization.

The bulk of the megaliths from 2000 BC and earlier have been found in Western Europe (there are 2,000 dolmens in the British Isles, 3,000 in Denmark and 5,000 in France), which is evidence of a people skilled in massive stone constructions who also had a knowledge of astronomy. This shows a very early established order of settlement to which the Druidic Order testifies.

The ancient British kingdom of the Cymri, centered on South Wales and extending out at least to Winchester, was basically Chaldean in origin established from the time that Abraham left Ur of the Chaldees circa 1700 BC. This fact has been submerged in our history by an over concentration on the later Anglo-Saxon incursions into Britain. This should not be forgotten as we come to consider the great movement of peoples westward through Europe. The ancient British Church itself, let us also remember, was planted in the British Isles in AD 35 (Ecclesiastical Annals for AD 35).

The Log-Jam of False History

First, it needs to be understood that there exists an increasingly acknowledged fact with respect to the chronology of the ancient world. This is that a 650-year log jam of false history is distorting the historical record. The Trojan War of circa 1200 BC should read 650 BC. The seat of the problem lies in the Egyptian dynasties.

A correct decipherment of the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs clearly identifies and places the major characters of the Trojan War into an era in the mid to late seventh century BC. The war started around 650 or 630 BC and definitely not around 1334 to 1135 BC. The problem also encompasses the so-called six century-long "Dark Age" of Greece, in which it is said nothing happened. The reason nothing happened of course is that it does not exist. The result has been to conceal the great movement west of the Hebrew tribes after their "exodus" from the Assyrian captivity. Even the sudden appearance of the Etruscans in northern Italy and their identity as Israelites is obscured.

Having established this thought, we now relate the evidence that from the eighth to the fourth century BC something very powerful developed in the Caucasus region as great waves of people began to expand into Europe. The Continent became occupied by peoples known collectively as the Celts. This expansion was a relatively late feature of a much more general phenomenon -- the emergence of a great linguistic family of the Indo-Europeans or Aryans.

Essentially we need to consider the origins of this great family. The theory most widely held today is that they came from southern central Asia or from Persia, which is now Iran. What is overlooked by secular historians and amazingly so, is the captivity and deportation of the vast bulk of the Hebrew race from both kingdoms of Israel and Judah into Assyria between 732 and 700 BC. This was several million people who were never coming back, particularly as other people had been placed into the land that had been evacuated. The fact is that within fifty years of their captivity, a people whom the Assyrians called Gimira, Beth-Khumri and Ghomri (from Israel's House of Omri), appeared for the first time in history in both Media and northern Mesopotamia; they were in fact Israelites.

The Mystery of the Vanished Hebrew Race

As far as historians are concerned, evident in all their publications, another black hole is created in their timeline. There is no further mention of the most significant kingdom and people of the biblical record. It is as if they had walked through a "Stargate" to another planet. Subsequently all that is recorded is the return of a tiny remnant of people (less than 50,000) from Babylon who then, for the first time, are called "Jews." It is like George Orwell's novel 1984 where the historical record is wiped clean. This major fault line in it was then adopted without question by the theologians. They failed to demonstrate prophetic insight and the courage to expose the biggest cover-up of history. Yet had it been believed, the Scriptural record was clear to dispel the mystery of the "vanished" Hebrew race.

Although the people of this remarkable continent of Europe are not a close cultural or linguistic unit, it is accepted that the original inhabitants of Western Europe were white-skinned, barely touched by the Mongol invasions -- or indeed by Asian and African immigration -- until after World War II in 1945. The peoples of Europe have certainly exhibited different physical and cultural characteristics that have been tribal rather than racial. It can really be likened to an ever-widening family that, as the generations diverge, develops skills and physical differences by which they become known.

In anthropological terms, three main groups spread out north and south. In northern Europe, there is a comparatively long­headed, fair-haired group -- the Nordic type: to the south, there is an essentially short-headed group comprising the east European type and four dark-haired types; Alpine, Dinaric, Anatolian and Turanian. Lastly, there is a southern group, long-headed and darker skinned, made up of the Mediterranean, south­western and Indo-Afghan types.

In strategic terms, the movement westward has at times been driven by invading peoples from the east pushing at the frontiers of the peaceable peoples who settled north of the Caucasus subsequent to the great migration of the Hebrew tribes after the Assyrian Empire collapsed. A feature of this pressure has been that some distinct cultural groups have formed a buffer zone taking shocks from the east and protecting those groups who settled further to the west in earlier migrations.

The Polish People Have Taken the Shocks

One such group are the Polish people who, in the past, we have tended to overlook in our studies. The earliest documentary record from that part of Europe, which is now called Poland, dates from AD 965-966. Owing to their central location in Europe, the Poles came very early into contact with both civilizations -- eastern and western -- with their territory over the centuries being shunted from east to west by the pressures of powerful states. As a result they developed as a strong people economically, culturally, and politically and relate more to the people of western Russia and Lithuania than they do to the German people.

The people of Poland have traditionally been seen as hospitable to artists from abroad (especially Italy) and open to cultural and artistic trends popular in other European countries. Today they number around 60 million worldwide with some 21 million living outside Poland. The culture of Poland has an essential history of a thousand years.

Interestingly, there has been a great affinity between the British and the Polish people and, as we remember, it was to defend Poland that Britain went to war in 1939. Most Poles adhere to the Christian faith, the majority being Roman Catholic live all over the country, while Orthodox Christians can be found mostly in the north-east, in the area of Bialystok, and Lutherans in Cieszyn Silesia.

The Birthright People Moved West

All of the House of Israel and most of the House of Judah, after being set free from captivity in Assyria, moved into Europe through the Dariel Pass, known locally as the "Pass of the Israelites," in the Caucasus mountains and through the Crimea in great waves both north and south. They followed the rivers, like the mighty Danube which flows over 1,700 miles from its source in the Black Forest of Germany to the Black Sea (the tribe of Dan having left its name on it in earlier times, as they did on other rivers and the Dardanelles).

The Danube basin encompasses thirteen countries of Central and Eastern Europe, making it the most international river basin in the world. The Danube itself has a long history of navigation and is a major shipping route. It is important to industry and supports many factories and is also vital for the large-scale agricultural production which occurs along its banks.

This route westward was a journey towards blessings and wealth for the Hebrew tribes. They settled along the way, spreading out in the wonderful continent where they prospered, arriving over time at the haven of the sea on the North Sea fringe. After AD 410, the Romans left Britain and so left open the way for the tribes to enter Britain under their new names of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Vikings and Normans. These were a people of birthright descent from Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Here, eventually, they merged with the ancient British people, the Cymri, or the Welsh.

Then, as the centuries rolled by, the great prophetic vision of Micah began to come into view:

"But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills, and people shall flow unto it. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Jacob, and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his oaths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem" (Micah 4:1-2).

The name "Jerusalem" has the meaning of "foundation of peace" and the covenant nations were formed from this foundation.

When we view the great history of Britain in the Isles of the west and remember the promise that the birthright was Joseph's (I Chronicles 5:2), we see confirmed that "The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance" (Romans 11:29).


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