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Course Preview Hope of Israel BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

beginning GOD created the heaven and the The one textbook of this course is YOUR
earth” (Genesis 1:1), yet the real beginning of BIBLE! Always have your Bible open before
the New Testament, in actual time-sequence of you when you sit down to STUDY with this
events, is John 1:1: “In the beginning was the course.
And still there is a FOURTH natural You Live in a World in Chaos!
STARTING POINT -- and this is the one we
have adopted. EVERYONE is fearful today! We all
That is to begin with this very recognize there is something radically wrong
PRESENT, in which we live -- this time of upset with this world.
world conditions, when the whole world seems The world rule of ISLAM seems to loom
suddenly to have erupted in chaos and physical just ahead. This PAGAN religion has swept over
violence -- this time when scientific discoveries vast areas of the earth. AND MASS
and technological developments have produced DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH’S INHAB-
destructive forces that threaten the extinction of ITANTS BY ATOMIC WARFARE LOOMS
all life on this planet -- this “TIME OF THE IMMINENT! HOW can the free nations of the
END,” just before the END OF THIS AGE, and West arrest this evil trend? HOW may they bring
the Messiah’s Second Coming. world peace?
We feel the BIBLE will mean more to No one seems to know! Nations like Iran
you if you fully UNDERSTAND its vital and Syria desire no genuine peace. Russia would
relation to YOUR LIFE today -- its direct like to recapture its former status as a powerful
connection with WORLD EVENTS you read player on the world scene. Japan remains an
every day in your newspaper -- hear every day in enigma.
newscasts and see on television. Scientists frankly say that unless we have
If you were to try to understand a map of WORLD GOVERNMENT the H-bomb and
the world, it would not mean much to you, unless other super weapons will annihilate humanity
and until you could first put your finger on the from the earth. BUT nations HAVE FAILED
precise spot on the map where you, yourself, UTTERLY TO AGREE TO WORLD
were at the moment. Only then could you see and GOVERNMENT! The Hague Conference, the
comprehend the rest of the world, in relation to Pact of Paris, the meetings of Berchtesgaden,
your own location on the map. We feel you will Munich, Teheran, Yalta, and Potsdam did NOT
understand the Bible better, and find it more bring peace. Neither has the United Nations.
interesting, if you view it all -- its history and A relatively INEXPENSIVE way has
prophecy -- its teachings and divine revelations been found to manufacture the A-bomb. Now
-- from the vantage point of YOUR LIFE, NOW ALL nations can have this destructive weapon.
-- how this world has led up to the very time, and We have seen Pakistan test their nuclear
the conditions, in which you live -- and where it weapons. North Korea, Iran and other countries
is destined to go from here. are hell-bent to produce their own. The terrorist
You will find this the most thrilling -- the networks such as Al Qaeda would love to get
most interesting, and IMPORTANT experience their hands on some to bring mass destruction to
of your whole life -- IF you apply yourself, and countries such as Israel, the U.S. and Britain.
REMEMBER: this a Bible STUDY SERIOUS. Yes, THIS world’s civilization is
course. It is not just something for you to read coming to a CRISIS!
quickly. What we have written is only the
OUTLINE to help you to STUDY your BIBLE.

Why Study the Bible?
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