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4 Hope of Israel BIBLE Correspondence Course Course Preview

And is this study to be a tiresome, Where to Begin
uninteresting DUTY we force ourselves to
undertake because of the stern command of a Theoretically, there are four proper
harsh God -- or is this study to become the most places to BEGIN this course of Bible study.
INTERESTING, the most THRILLING, the One is to show you first WHAT the Bible
most ENJOYABLE and PROFITABLE pursuit really is, HOW it was written and preserved,
of our lives? HOW to study it, and to show you why it is that
so FEW really understand the Bible.
Bible a Living Book Another natural and proper starting place
would be at the very BEGINNING -- with
WHY is the study of the Bible a dull, YEHOVAH God as CREATOR -- at the very
uninteresting, irksome task to most people -- first chapter of Genesis, and compare the Bible
done, if at all, only as a duty out of fear of a harsh account of creation with the modern “scientific”
God? Simply because people have not KNOWN theory of evolution; to study the creation of man,
YEHOVAH God, or what He is like -- and the origin of Satan, the first sin, and to continue
because they have never started to really on from there through the Old Testament.
UNDERSTAND the Bible! The third natural starting point is with
In this study we shall come to really see the beginning of the New Testament. While the
that YEHOVAH is LOVE -- not a harsh, stern very first words of the entire Bible are “In the
God; that YEHOVAH God wants every one of
us to be happy, and to ENJOY life to the very
full, and to make life INTERESTING -- every
second of it! And we shall, once we begin to
UNDERSTAND the Bible, come to find it the
most fascinating, the most INTERESTING, as
well as the most profitable and enjoyable
INTEREST that ever came into our lives! Once
you get really into it, you’ll enjoy this study so
much you will hardly be able to wait until the
next lesson. You’ll find that NO FUN, no
PLEASURES, no sports, entertainments or
worldly interests were ever so TRULY
ENJOYABLE, so delightful, so interesting, so
Because YEHOVAH God is LOVE (I
John 4:8,16), He, your Creator who loves YOU,
and wants you to be happy and healthy and
prosperous, gives you the Bible. It is HIS
WORD by which He reveals to you THE WAY
out of boredom, fear and worry, sickness and
disease, poverty and want, emptiness and
discontent. It reveals the WAY to the happy,
healthy, prosperous ABUNDANT life which He Ancient hand-lettered manuscript of the Greek
wants you to enjoy NOW -- and for all eternity! New Testament. The Bible is never out of date. It
is the most up-to-date book you can study. It
records tomorrow’s world news -- today!

Why Study the Bible?
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