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Course Preview Hope of Israel BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Why Study the Bible?

This Course is NOT DENOM- become the principal and NUMBER ONE
INATIONAL! It is offered FREE, WITHOUT INTEREST in your mind, continuously, day by
TUITION COST to those who earnestly desire day! There has never been any course like this,
to understand the Bible and will devote at least a and if you will SET YOURSELF to be really
HALF HOUR every day, to its STUDY. The devoted to it, you will be richly REWARDED by
only equipment you will need is your own Bible, constantly coming into surprising, thrilling,
a good dictionary, paper and pen -- although, if joyful NEW TRUTHS in each monthly lesson.
you are able and wish to provide one or more There is NO TUITION COST, and you
translations, a good concordance or other Bible will not be asked for contributions, unless, of
“helps,” you may -- but this is NOT your own accord and WITHOUT any obligation
NECESSARY. You do NOT SEND us the or solicitation, you should desire to have a PART
ANSWERS to each lesson, but after each fourth with our VOLUNTARY Co-Workers, whose
lesson we will send you a TEST to see if you tithes and freewill offerings make this entire
have kept up with your monthly lessons and are work possible. We are not controlled or
still interested in continuing the course. subsidized, sponsored or endowed or financed
The Course is not limited to any certain by any denomination or organization of any kind
number of lessons. The Bible is a very big Book, -- there are NO SELFISH ENDS TO GAIN --
when you undertake to really know it, and only a desire to SERVE and SHARE
THOROUGHLY UNDERSTAND it, and if you YEHOVAH’s precious truths, in a self-
pursue this study earnestly and thoroughly, you sacrificing MINISTRY OF LOVE.
will not have completely mastered it all, and Many of our Co-Workers belong to no
come to complete knowledge in any short denomination. Many, I suppose, belong to
period! The LENGTH of this Course is not as yet various denominations. But ALL, without
determined. We desire to make it comprehensive having any voice to dictate what is preached or
and thorough, but the length it runs will depend taught -- which is dictated by YESHUA THE
on the interest and perseverance of its enrolled MESSIAH ALONE -- do sacrifice to share in the
students. Messiah’s GREAT COMMISSION. This is
The study of the Bible is, and ought to be, merely a frank and straightforward explanation
a LIFELONG STUDY -- not a six-months, of HOW this work is FINANCED --
one-year, or four-year limited course. If YEHOVAH GOD’S WAY -- and is NOT a
ENOUGH of our enrolled students show an request or solicitation!
interest and desire to continue, the Course
probably will continue INDEFINITELY! As Why Study the Bible?
long as YEHOVAH’s people continue to
HUNGER for the spiritual food, we, WHY SHOULD we want to study the
YEHOVAH’s servants, will CONTINUE TO Bible? What IS the Bible? How shall we study it,
FEED THEM! in order to understand it?
This is a stirring, vitally interesting At the very beginning of this course we
Course. It is NOT DRY OR DULL. It need to ask, and answer, these questions.
SPARKLES WITH INTEREST! But, to benefit We know YEHOVAH God has
by it, you will have to really PUT YOUR commanded, “STUDY to SHOW THYSELF
HEART INTO IT, and not less than THIRTY APPROVED UNTO GOD." But WHY should
MINUTES A DAY of your time. It will have to we seek to be “approved unto God”?

Why Study the Bible?
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