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8 Hope of Israel BIBLE Correspondence Course Course Preview

realizing what this means. They are beginning to the apostle Paul wrote of all carnal-minded men:
FEAR! “DESTRUCTION and MISERY are in their
The cold, hard FACT IS that HUMAN WAYS: and the WAY OF PEACE have they not
BEINGS HAVE ABOUT REACHED THE known: there is NO FEAR OF GOD before their
END OF THEIR ROPE. Men have reached the eyes" (Romans 3:16-18).
place where they are NO LONGER CAPABLE STUDY this whole passage carefully. A
of protecting themselves against horrifying vital point in understanding YEHOVAH’s plan
weapons of their own devising. is revealed here. Note that YEHOVAH speaks of
When Yeshua was walking this earth a definite WAY of peace -- and that He links
nineteen hundred years ago, he knew what the ignorance of it to one thing: A LACK OF THE
IDEAS OF MEN would lead to in years to come. RIGHT KIND OF FEAR -- A GODLY FEAR.
Yeshua knew that in this END time men would The basic attitude of irreverence and
be groping in the dark for the WAY to peace, but even CONTEMPT FOR THE WILL AND
would actually be on the verge of HUMAN AUTHORITY OF YEHOVAH GOD is a
ANNIHILATION. prevalent characteristic among people of every
The intervention of a higher power IS the station in life today. In our “enlightened age,”
only real solution for this world’s ills! men no longer FEAR to do wrong.
Where has this led us? Crime and
The Cause of World Ills violence have MORE THAN DOUBLED in the
United States during the PAST DECADE! The
In the New Testament, Yeshua gives us a statistics on U.S. crime are APPALLING!
KEY to WHY our present world is in such a CRIME and VIOLENCE are on the
terrible state. He warned: “But AS THE DAYS rampage! Men are beginning to realize that
OF NOAH WERE, SO SHALL ALSO the something is BASICALLY WRONG with this
coming of the Son of man be" (Matthew 24:37). world’s society.
WHAT were men doing in Noah’s time But even more ominous than the
that brought on them such terrible GROWING MENACE of individual crime is the
DESTRUCTION? realization that in our generation the ENTIRE
Turn in your Bible to Genesis 6:12 EARTH IS ENDANGERED by SUPER-
where we find the answer: “And God looked CRIMINALS -- power-mad dictators in
upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all warmongering nations who now have -- or soon
flesh had corrupted HIS WAY upon the earth"... will have -- the means to ERASE HUMANITY
VIOLENCE" (verse 11). Carnal men had used
their own HUMAN REASON and had already It’s Prophesied!
departed from the WAY OF LIFE YEHOVAH
God had originally given. These fearful times are prophesied and
This substitution of PERVERTED described in your Bible.
HUMAN REASON for the WAY OF Open your Bible now to II Timothy 3:1
YEHOVAH GOD threatens world destruction. and read through the entire chapter. Paul was
Yeshua said the very SAME conditions would inspired to write Timothy about the LAST
prevail just before his second coming. DAYS -- this twenty-first century, when
Look at the world around you. Have men CIVILIZATION itself is threatened with
been seeking and practicing YEHOVAH’S oblivion!
WAY -- or do they always use human reason in “This know also, that IN THE LAST
justifying continuance in their OWN WAY? As DAYS PERILOUS TIMES shall come," Paul

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