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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 9

shall succeed, with YEHOVAH’S help -- in final SELECT THE ONE RIGHT ANSWER
Then CHECK the box on the Answer Sheet that
corresponds to the letter of the answer you
believe to be correct. The correct answers to the
first two questions are already checked for you
as an example.
The questions are divided into four parts
-- each part corresponding to one of your last
four lessons. Answer as many questions as you
can without referring to the lessons. Take
sufficient time to understand each question. If
you find any difficult questions, do be sure to

1. Which one of these four statements is

A. Prayer today has degenerated into a ritual of
words -- a form, a ceremony -- an utterly mean-
ingless obligation without a purpose.
B. Prayer is a vital part of every true Christian’s
life and must not be neglected -- even for a day.
C. Just knowing the purpose of life and having
once received the faith of YEHOVAH God will
guarantee your entry into YEHOVAH’s King-
Movies such as this portray this world as the D. Constant close contact with YEHOVAH God
lewd, idolatrous, pleasure-mad, irreligious through daily prayer is absolutely necessary to
society that it really is. receive salvation.

TEST NUMBER NINE 2. Exactly why should we pray to YEHOVAH
THIS examination is given to help you
BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible and A. Certainly not because we have a nature
EVALUATE your progress. It is a SIMPLE similar to Satan’s which we must overcome with
TEST covering your studies in the last four YEHOVAH’s help.
lessons. It’s a quick review to help you B. In order to receive YEHOVAH’s promised
REMEMBER and put to PRACTICAL USE the spiritual help to overcome our evil human
vital knowledge you have learned. nature.
Notice that FOUR CHOICES are given C. Because YEHOVAH alone is responsible for
under each question. ONLY ONE is the COR- what we are or become -- we have nothing to do
RECT answer. The other three are WRONG. with it.
(Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers D. The Bible does not give us any specific
are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed reasons for praying other than to receive
about the subject.) physical blessings from YEHOVAH God.
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