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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 9

An Open Letter from the Staff...

A UNITED STATES Senator preached a
sermon in a Methodist pulpit in Los Angeles. Of all
things, imagine a well-known senator saying that
PATRIOTISM is a false god to many people! And
he is right.
“Love of country can transcend the love of
God,” he said, “and we must, in time of stress,
avoid making patriotism a religion.”
He said a number of things I could have
said myself. Among the idols professing Christians
worship, he cited PROSPERITY, SCIENCE,
make an idol of the Bible, strange as that may BIBLE
sound. “Some,” he said, “worship the Bible for CORRESPONDENCE COURSE
ITSELF, NOT as containing TRUTHS necessary
for salvation" -- and, I add, as a GUIDE to a WAY TEST 9
What is YOUR idol? What are YOU really Published at Arcadia, California by Hope
dedicated to? Is it earning a living -- making of Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHO-
money? What absorbs your mind, your thoughts, VAH).
your time -- what are you really DEVOTED TO? Is
it YEHOVAH GOD -- above all else? Or is it your EDITOR AND DIRECTOR
hobby, your wife or husband, your children, your John D. Keyser
home, your sports or amusements and
entertainments? What do you keep your MIND on TECHNICAL ADVISOR
most of the time? What most occupies your Sean C. Keyser
INTEREST? Is it friends -- society. Is it PEOPLE
-- or is it THINGS? YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid by
Is it YEHOVAH GOD? If not, then it is an others. Bulk copies for distribution not
IDOL. You are breaking the first Commandment. given or sold.
You have this other god, BEFORE Him. Just ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
WHAT IS RELIGION? Editor at the following address:
Is it merely an incidental interest, Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
secondary TO MANY other things, such as Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
earning a living, your home, your family, your _________________________________
friends, hobbies, sports, entertainments? Possibly
secondary to TV or movies? About Our Cover...
Religion is your CONNECTION WITH
YEHOVAH GOD -- your relationship with Him. Pictured on our Test 9 cover is a composite of the
Religion is realizing the PURPOSE of your life -- cover photos used in the preceding four lessons.
the reason why YEHOVAH had you to be born -- Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous Bible
the reason you draw the breath of air and exist -- Truths you studied with each lesson.
the PURPOSE or end-GOAL of your life, and
HOW to live that life so as to arrive there.

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