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Test 9 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start... soon gone.
Unless YEHOVAH’s own CHARAC-
There are the seven laws of RELIGION. TER is formed and developed in your mind and
Yet most people do not know, or practice or your life, replacing the carnality that is there
apply, a single one of them. now, you will have missed your GOAL.
The first is to have the RIGHT GOAL. YEHOVAH’s PURPOSE is to CREATE within
That GOAL -- YEHOVAH God’s PUR- you, during this life, a new and perfect
POSE for having put the breath of life in you -- is CHARACTER.
that you be born of YEHOVAH GOD, to share If you are converted -- that is, if you do
with Him the GLORY of creation, to inherit His once establish actual CONTACT with YEHO-
divine NATURE, to be LIKE HIM -- to do what VAH God -- He supernaturally puts within you
He does, to accomplish what He accomplishes, His HOLY SPIRIT. This impregnates you with
enjoy what He ENJOYS -- peace, happiness, HIS LIFE -- begets you as His child, actually yet
joy, resplendent GLORY in LIFE EVERLAST- unborn. But it does put within you a NEW
ING. NATURE, entirely opposite to HUMAN
No other goal could be as great. It is NATURE with which you were first born. You
superlative. are, as Scripture says, given “exceeding great
But what are you, NOW? Just a mass of and precious promises: that by these ye might be
matter, put together like a machine. Your present PARTAKERS OF THE DIVINE NATURE" (II
existence has to be constantly SUSTAINED. Peter 1:4). Of course the old human nature
You have to keep drawing a breath of air into REMAINS; and YOUR MIND makes the con-
your lungs about every second. You have to eat tinual decisions whether to yield to the down-
food about three times every day. You have to ward pull and appetites and established habits of
take care of eliminating the impurities from human nature, or to resist it by yielding to the
food, and of bathing and cleansing. Maybe you new Divine nature -- to BE LED BY YEHO-
don’t REALLY have to “brush your teeth after VAH’S HOLY SPIRIT.
every meal” as certain toothpaste TV commer- This, then, BECOMES YOUR VERY
cials keeps repeating like a CD player that got LIFE!
stuck. But you DO have to maintain and sustain You can succeed only if your GOAL is
your physical anatomy to keep on existing -- and kept constantly -- continually -- before your
even then you are aging and degenerating every eyes. When you drive a car, if you take your eyes
day and every year -- and the most certain thing and attention off of what is in front of you (and
in this existence we call “life” is that this sometimes coming from the side or behind) even
machine process is going to run down -- YOU for two or three seconds, you may find yourself
ARE GOING TO DIE. “coming to” in a hospital, dying, and saying, “it
Actually, we have to simply KEEP all happened so SUDDENLY!” Driving CARE-
PUMPING LIFE INTO ourselves constantly -- FULLY means BEING ALERT -- being DILI-
daily -- to continue existing -- to continue con- GENT every second -- and your mind and
sciousness. attention on the matter of DRIVING -- not
Yet most people keep on, day after day, conversation or other things.
year after year, pumping that existence into In the same manner, if you let other
themselves, with NO MORE PURPOSE than to interests, material pursuits, steal first place in
try to be comfortable, free from pain, and to be your mind and heart and INTEREST, even for a
pleasing the five senses -- with their minds on few days, you are endangering a SPIRITUAL
the passing physical and material things of the SMASHUP that will let you wake up being
moment -- things that are not lasting, and are plunged into the LAKE OF FIRE, which will
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