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Test 8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start... “WHAT? You don’t FIGHT for your
God,” exclaimed the Moslem in shocked disbe-
The answer leads directly to the lief. “Why, what kind of a God do you have, that
question: WHAT IS THE SOURCE of these you don’t fight for Him? Every Moslem believes
religious beliefs? What is the religious in his god so much that he will go out and FIGHT
I suppose most people would answer that “Yes, I know,” replied my friend. “You
YEHOVAH GOD is their authority -- the source have to fight to PROTECT your god, because he
of their beliefs. But IS HE? Does YEHOVAH can’t protect himself or do anything for you. But
GOD tell the Roman Catholics to believe one my God is a LIVING GOD -- the all-powerful,
thing, the Protestants to believe something Supreme, Eternally LIVING God. My God
different, and the Jews something different from fights my battles for me. My God is Supreme,
the other two? Did all the hundreds of differing and therefore I OBEY HIM. He RULES me, and
and disagreeing sects and denominations calling guides me in the way I ought to go for my own
themselves “Christian” receive their varying welfare and happiness. But He also DOES
faiths from the SAME SOURCE? THINGS FOR ME. He tells me to love my
Quite obviously not! enemies -- and HE will fight my battles for me.
The Roman Catholic Church claims it He heals me when I am sick. He is a LIVING
has authority to bring Yeshua the Messiah down God -- not a dead god. He makes even my
out of heaven, and put him in a little wafer. That enemies to be at peace with me. He guides me in
is to say, they teach that the BREAD used at the way I ought to go, He rules me, and then HE
communion during mass is, literally, the actual DOES THINGS FOR ME -- things I could not
BODY of the Messiah -- not merely a symbol do for myself.
but Yeshua’s body, literally changed into that “You see,” my friend continued, “there is
bread. only one LIVING God. But nearly all the people
Now it was reported that while a priest in the world worship and serve dead gods. The
was passing out the little round wafers in a very Buddhist carries his little wooden god around in
old church in Europe, one wafer fell off the plate, his pocket. Other people make up their own
and rolled through a crack in the floor. Under the gods. Their gods are the work of their own hands
church floor it was eaten by a rat. One might ask, -- the invention of their own minds. But I am the
“Can the MESSIAH be eaten by a rat? What creation of MY God! I didn’t make Him -- He
KIND of a MESSIAH do you have?" Perhaps made me."
the answer is in II Corinthians 11:3-4: “But I Now we ought to begin to see the answer
fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled to the question, HOW can these differing
Eve through his subtilty, so-your minds should religious groups compromise and get together?
be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. Their beliefs, their customs, are the inventions of
For if he that cometh preacheth ANOTHER HUMANS. In actual fact, they did not receive
JESUS, whom we have not preached ...." their beliefs from the true and LIVING GOD --
A man I know met a staunch believer in or from His Word, the Bible. Their religions are
the Moslem religion. A discussion followed of HUMAN ORIGIN. Therefore humans feel at
regarding the relative merits of the Bible and the liberty to alter or change their own beliefs and
Koran -- of Yeshua and of Mohammed. ways.
Suddenly the Moslem asked, “Do you believe in “But,” one asks, “didn’t they all receive
your God enough to FIGHT FOR HIM?” their beliefs out of the BIBLE?" The answer is an
“No, my God doesn’t need me to fight emphatic NO!
for Him,” replied my friend. Didn’t you ever wonder WHY people
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