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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 8

DID destroy it! God said, “REMEMBER!” in Repeat this procedure for each question.
one of His Commandments -- so that is the (Generally speaking, the INCORRECT answers
Commandment they FORGET. are FALSE ideas which are taught and believed
The ETERNAL is the LIVING God who about the subject.)
is very soon going to RISE IN JUDGMENT Notice that the questions are divided into
against our nations -- against these religions -- four parts -- corresponding to this present group
which deny Him, disobey Him, trust in any and of four lessons. We advise you not to cover more
everything EXCEPT Him, and in fact serve dead than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time
gods, in the form of interests, pursuits, sports, to understand each question. Try to answer as
entertainments, love of money, pride, vanity, many questions as you can without referring to
and selfishness. the lessons. If you find any difficult questions,
To serve and obey YEHOVAH God is to then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect
go THE WAY that leads into peace, happiness, you to do so -- it isn’t cheating!
prosperity, and JOY. I know! I started on that Once you have finished going over the
way over forty years ago, and it has led me into questions and are satisfied with your answers,
those rewards. FILL OUT your ANSWER SHEET by placing
The DAY OF RECKONING is fast an “X” in the box which corresponds to the
swooping down on this rebellious world. selection you have chosen (circled) to be the
YEHOVAH God says He will do nothing, correct answer FOR EACH QUESTION.
except He reveal it to His servants and prophets (Notice that the first two questions are already
(Amos 3:7). HE HAS REVEALED IT -- WE marked correctly for you on your answer card as
HAVE PROCLAIMED IT! examples.) That’s all there is to it! It’s very
simple and fast.
SWER SHEET in to us when filled out. Handle
THIS EIGHTH examination is given to your answer sheet carefully at all times. A
help you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible SMOOTH SHEET is easier to grade.
and EVALUATE your own progress. We will CONTINUE to send you further
You should by all means take this test lessons as long as you sincerely desire to
after finishing Lessons 29-32. It is a SIMPLE understand more of the Bible. So be sure to
EXAMINATION covering your studies in this TAKE THIS TEST and send us your completed
present group of four lessons. It’s a quick review answer card.
to help you REMEMBER and put to PRACTI-
CAL USE the vital Truth of YEHOVAH God Lesson 29
you have learned. It also lets us know of your What Do You Mean -- “The Kingdom of
CONTINUED interest in the study of your YEHOVAH God”?
Notice that FOUR CHOICES are given 1. Which ONE of these four statements is
under EACH question. These are labeled A, B, FALSE?
C, D. ONLY ONE of these four choices is the
CORRECT answer! The other three are FALSE, A. There are many modernists who scoff at the
UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. need for the Messiah to return to save the world
YOU ARE TO SELECT THE ONE from total destruction of human life.
RIGHT ANSWER FROM AMONG THESE B. The Messiah has his witnesses declaring
FOUR CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING from house to house that he has already
the letter of the answer you feel to be correct. returned.
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