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Test 8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

spiritual Law of LOVE, summed up by the Ten and prospered Joseph -- protected, delivered,
Commandments -- and who actually DOES rewarded him -- because Joseph OBEYED Him.
THINGS FOR those who OBEY Him and RE- This is the same God who guided David, as a lad,
LY on Him! when he went up against the ten-foot tall Goliath
No church has the TRUE God unless that who dared to mock the LIVING GOD.
church OBEYS YEHOVAH’s Law -- keeping This is the same LIVING God who sent
ALL of His Commandments, living actually by plagues on the Egyptians -- PASSED OVER
EVERY WORD of the ENTIRE Bible (Luke Israelites, spared them from death -- delivered
4:4), and unless it relies on Him, and Him alone them from slavery -- parted the waters of the Red
for fighting its battles (against people or Satan), Sea.
for healing, for guidance and direction, wisdom This is the identical, same LIVING God
and understanding -- for those things which are who fought the armies of Assyria for Judah’s
the prerogatives of YEHOVAH GOD to do, and King Hezekiah, when the Assyrian Shalmanezer
not man. denied the POWER of the Everliving God.
There can be but ONE such Church. This is the same LIVING God who
That Church must be the INSTRU- fought the battle for Judah when the Judahites
MENT through which the one living God pro- were attacked by the armies of three allied
claims to the whole world -- all continents -- the enemies -- as a result of the OBEDIENCE AND
SAME GOSPEL OF the KINGDOM OF FAITH of King Jehoshaphat -- the God who
YEHOVAH GOD which the Messiah preached. said: “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of
That Church proclaims the Message of the the great multitude; for the battle is not yours,
LIVING God -- that He is universe-RULER as but God’s."
well as Creator -- it proclaims the coming This is the same LIVING God who inter-
restoration of HIS GOVERNMENT over the vened to save Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-
earth -- it serves the LIVING God who rules with nego from the burning fiery furnace, when they
HIS LAW of love to YEHOVAH God and love obeyed and trusted Him, saying to the King:
to neighbor, expressed in the Ten Command- “Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us
ments -- the LIVING God who leads and guides from the burning fiery furnace and HE WILL
and rules our lives -- who intervenes in our deliver us out of shine hand, O King!"
behalf -- who DOES THINGS FOR US which Isn’t it time we asked: Is THIS the God
we are unable to DO for ourselves -- who works of AMERICA -- of BRITISH nations -- of
in and through us -- who by His spirit impreg- EUROPE? Do WE rely on HIM to fight our
nates us, enters literally within us and lives HIS battles -- or do we rely on our own military
life in US. strength and on human allies who will turn
There is one such Church or Ecclesia -- against us?
and ONLY ONE. Since it is ruled and guided by Is THIS the God of Protestantism -- or of
the LIVING God, whose written Word MEANS Roman Catholicism, and do THEY SERVE Him
what it says, it cannot and will not compromise by keeping all His Commandments? Or do they
or unite with the churches of this world. It disobey, twisting, perverting, and wresting HIS
functions by the POWER of the LIVING GOD! WORD by saying the Messiah did away with
This is the same LIVING God who YEHOVAH God’s Commandments? Do they
guided Noah in building the ark -- who saved trust HIM as their Great Physician, or rely on
Noah and his family from the Flood. This is the human doctors, who PRACTICE on them with
LIVING GOD whom Abraham obeyed, and in drugs and medicines, when they are sick?
whom Abraham trusted -- who gave the PRO- The Messiah said: “THINK NOT that I
MISES! This is the SAME GOD who guided am come to destroy the law” -- so they think He
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