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Test 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

14. What is the GREATEST of all the A. results when the national economy is well
commandments? funded .
B. depends upon a healthy and virtuous family
A. To honor your father and your mother. life.
B. Not to bear false witness against your C. has absolutely nothing to do with the
neighbor. morality of its people.
C. Not to commit adultery. D. can result even though its leaders are not
D. To love YEHOVAH God with all your virtuous in their personal lives.
19. A person can divorce his or her mate if
15. Without the proper relationship of man to
YEHOVAH God A. adultery has been committed.
B. there are money difficulties in the marriage.
A. men are incapable of having a proper C. no children result from the marriage .
relationship with their fellow man. D. if he or she falls in love with another person
B. means that human governments can still
function satisfactorily at this time. 20. According to YEHOVAH God, what is the
C. means that domestic tranquillity takes a little penalty for kidnaping?
longer to attain.
D. human organizations such as the UN must A. Incarceration for a period of ten years.
step in to maintain the peace. B. Incarceration for five years followed by
community service for two years.
16. Ultimately YEHOVAH God allows us to C. Twenty years of hard labor.
D. The death penalty.
A. set up our own standard of personal conduct.
B. say what type of punishment shall be meted 21. What is YEHOVAH’s penalty for stealing
out to those who violate the law. money?
C. follow His laws, statutes and judgments
ONLY. A. The money must be repaid in double.
D. choose some of His laws to incorporate in B. The offender must spend time in jail.
our own legal system. C. The offender must perform community
service for a period of time dependent on the
17. Under the law mentioned in Numbers amount of money stolen.
35:24-33 D. The same amount of money that was stolen
must be repaid, along with jail time.
A. a nation is fully justified in executing the
murderer. 22. Which of the following statements is
B. a nation is guilty itself for taking the life of a TRUE?
C. the land will become filled with violence if A. Swiftness of justice is a part of
the legal system itself has blood on its hands. YEHOVAH’s method for punishing criminals.
D. the nation that refuses to carry out the death B. Violence and blood have filled the earth as a
penalty is GUILTY of failing to administer result of keeping the first commandment.
justice in the land. C. It is not legal, under YEHOVAH’s law, to
kill someone who invades your home at night.
18. A vigorous, prosperous, healthy nation
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