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Test 6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start... bodies instantaneously, at the Messiah’s
coming, and convert or CHANGE US from
YEHOVAH God is the Supreme mortal to immortal; from human to divine; from
Personal BEING, of supreme intelligence, flesh and blood (matter) into SPIRIT.
wisdom, total knowledge and power -- the But this process follows the WAY that
Almighty, the Creator and Ruler of the entire leads, through this life, to maximum possible
universe. YEHOVAH is also perfect, holy, REAL happiness, to joy, to even economic
spiritual CHARACTER. success, to the full, abundant life. It is the way to
YEHOVAH’s PURPOSE is to peace of mind, to security, to a vigorous, busy,
reproduce Himself -- to CREATE in us, with our active life of ACCOMPLISHMENT.
free choice and effort, His very own righteous It is the ONLY way in which one’s life
character, and ultimately to endow us with His may have really MATTERED -- the ONLY kind
own glory and supreme POWER. of AMOUNTING TO SOMETHING that really
That is why YEHOVAH God made man counts -- or can last on past this life.
in His own IMAGE, physically, and endowed It’s the only way that PAYS -- here and
him with MIND like YEHOVAH’s -- except now, through THIS life, as well as for eternity!
limited and fallible.
Righteous spiritual CHARACTER is the
ability, in an intelligent separate entity of free Lesson 21
moral agency, to come to the knowledge of the Church Vs. Ecclesia: A Confusion of Terms
true as distinguished from the false, to CHOOSE
the right instead of the wrong, to WILL to DO 1. The Messiah and his apostles were
the right, exercising self-discipline, guiding the persecuted
mind and the self in the RIGHT WAY, SO that
this person may safely be entrusted with greater A. because they took up arms against Rome.
and SUPERnatural powers. B. because of their teachings regarding
To come to the knowledge of the government.
TRUTH -- to come to KNOW YEHOVAH GOD C. because they refused to observe the holy
-- to recognize and yield to HIS PURPOSE -- to days of the Judeans.
submit to HIS WILL in the understanding that it D. for arousing the people against King Herod.
is the way that is right and good for us -- to
overcome our human natures -- to GROW 2. The ecclesias were made up of
spiritually in the knowledge and way of
YEHOVAH God and the Messiah -- to develop A. upper class Pharisees only.
this righteous spiritual character, or, more B. a mixture of Essenes and gnostic Greeks.
properly, to CHOOSE to yield to YEHOVAH’s C. descendants of the 10 tribes only.
CREATING that character within us, with our D. individuals called “saints.”
own free and right choice, our supreme effort in
that direction, and our FAITH and total reliance 3. The Greek word ekklesia has been
on YEHOVAH’s power to carry us through -- all CORRECTLY translated as
that is the development and creation of right
CHARACTER. A. church.
And THAT is the PURPOSE of life. B. called out ones.
THAT is our only right GOAL, and mission in C. congregation.
life. IF we do that, in obedience and in faith, D. public divine worship.
YEHOVAH God will change our vile human
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