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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 6

4. Why did YEHOVAH God choose Israel out 9. The “body” (ecclesia) of the Messiah is
of all the nations of the earth? compared to

A. To be a holy nation. A. the pagan mystery religions of the day.
B. To rule with a rod of iron over all the B. the fledgling Roman Catholic Church.
surrounding nations. C. the human body with its various parts.
C. To counteract the expanding power of D. the Old Testament church in the wilderness.
D. For a special purpose. 10. Who is the head of the ecclesia or “called
out ones”?
5. The English word “church” is an acceptable
evolution of the Greek word A. YEHOVAH God the Creator.
B. Yeshua the Messiah.
A. kuriakon. C. Peter the apostle.
B. ekklesia. D. The pope in the Vatican.
C. hagios.
D. soma. 11. In Greek culture the term “ecclesias”
referred to
6. To what sort of relationship does Paul
compare the ecclesia? A. governmental assemblies.
B. the city-states of Athens.
A. Father and son. C. the oracle at Delphi.
B. Mother and daughter. D. Roman freemen in their guilds.
C. King and kingdom.
D. Husband and wife. 12. The term “church” refers to

7. Much of the New Testament is composed of A. the “called out ones.”
letters written to B. a building for public worship.
C. clergy in a “Christian” assembly.
A. the Roman emperor. D. the political assembly of citizens of an
B. many different ecclesias whose members ancient Greek state.
were addressed as “saints.”
C. many different ecclesias whose members Lesson 22
were addressed as “Nazarenes.” YEHOVAH’s Law and Our Neighbor
D. ferment rebellion against the Roman
Empire. 13. What does the FIRST half of the 10
Commandments focus on?
8. The word “elders” refers to
A. Satan’s part in causing worldwide misery.
A. older, wiser men who were looked upon as B. The relationship of man to YEHOVAH
“leaders.” God.
B. “positions” or “offices” in some “church” C. The way to govern a nation in today’s
organization. world.
C. young men seeking to rise through the ranks D. How to set up a penal code in the World
to evangelist or pastor. Tomorrow.
D. overseers in Simon Magus’ church.
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