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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 11

A. Swine and Monkey C. soluble fiber and fruit.
B. Rabbit and Fox D. vegetables and nuts.
C. Badger and Opossum
D. Elk and Reindeer Lesson 42
Archaeology and the Bible
8. Which of the following birds are unclean?
13. What were the Benjamite generals called in
A. Ostrich and Flamingo the Tablets of Mari?
B. Turkey and Swan
C. Duck and Pheasant A. Sartraps
D. Partridge and Quail B. Caesars
C. Pharaohs
9. A clean bird D. “Davidum” or “Davids”

A. can be a bird of prey. 14. The Bible is
B. must have a gizzard with a double lining that
can easily be separated. A. the written revelation of YEHOVAH God
C. must devour its prey in the air, or press it to for mankind.
the ground with one foot and tear it with its B. a collection of myths and fables dating to the
bill. Middle Ages.
D. does not have a craw or crop. C. irrevelant and of no value to modern man.
D. the written revelation of Adam for mankind.
10. What is the fastest spreading contagious
disease in the Western world today? 15. Is there historical proof that the Patriarchs
of the Old Covenant really lived?
A. Measles
B. Chicken Pox A. There is no proof.
C. Venereal Disease B. The evidence is too scanty to be of any
D. Leprosy value.
C. Perhaps, but the proof has been totally lost
11. What is YEHOVAH’s way of preventing over the centuries.
the spread of this disease? D. Of course there is, for many ancient towns
and cities in Mesopotamia were named after
A. Limit the number of sexual partners you many of them!
B. Test homosexual men regularly for venereal 16. Did the nations of antiquity regard “Noah’s
disease. Flood” as historical fact?
C. Never marry.
D. Shun immorality by obeying YEHOVAH’s A. They all recorded it as historical fact.
laws. B. They wrote nothing about it.
C. They denied it ever happened.
12. Fatal coronary heart disease has been linked D. We cannot know as all their records have
to diets containing high levels of perished.

A. Vitamin C and E. 17. Is there evidence that the Bible account of
B. cholesterol and fat. Joseph in Egypt is true?
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