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Test 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start saved.
And I wondered, as this thought flashed
I FEEL I must immediately have a real through my mind, how many of my students are
heart-to-heart talk with our growing family of tempted to look at it the same way -- to feel a
students, sharing with you thoughts that came to sense of futility and helplessness -- perhaps to
my mind -- while they are still fresh and vivid. become discouraged and lose faith?
It concerns the MOST IMPORTANT Ah, that’s the key word -- FAITH!
thing in life and eternity for you. But at the mo- Our plight isn’t hopeless at all!
ment, I was thinking about myself. Every person Of course, of ourselves it IS impossible
-- yes, even you -- is his own worst enemy. All to be saved. But with YEHOVAH GOD IT IS
my life I have been impelled to fight my worst CERTAIN -- if we yield to Him and TRUST
enemy -- that troublesome inner SELF, which by Him. We shall be saved, NOT by our own power
nature is desperately wicked. to overcome and develop perfect characters, but
Since growing into the age of self-disci- through FAITH IN YEHOVAH’S POWER!
pline, this same evil, determined inner self has But right here is where 999 out of 1,000
caused ME no end of trouble. And I should add become deceived by the fables of this time. And
that since I gave that self over to YEHOVAH when the blind lead the blind, they both fall into
God, it surely must have tried His patience! the ditch!
That brings us to the point. The thought Because we CAN’T save ourselves -- we
that came to my mind concerned this very trou- can’t master the evil inner self -- we CAN’T al-
blesome inner self. How, came the question, can ways resist every temptation -- we CAN’T keep
I myself ever become finally SAVED, and in- YEHOVAH’s holy Law perfectly -- and, of our-
herit eternal life in the Kingdom of YEHOVAH selves we would fail to overcome, to grow in
God, with such a powerful, seemingly irresist- spiritual character, and to endure to the end; the
ible inner force of evil constantly pulling the false teaching is going out that THE MESSIAH
other way? When YEHOVAH God says “there DID THESE THINGS FOR us -- that we don’t
shall in no wise enter into it [the Kingdom of need to do them. Millions today believe that
YEHOVAH God] anything that defileth, neither YEHOVAH God imputes Yeshua’s righteous-
whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a ness to us, counting us as righteous when we are
lie" (Revelation 21:27), it surely seemed impos- NOT!
sible that I should be able to “overcome,” and There couldn’t be a more soul-damning
“endure unto the end.” delusion of the devil!
But the same instant the answer flashed No, the Messiah didn’t live a good life
to mind -- YEHOVAH GOD will save me! I for you, in your stead! You are not excused from
can’t save myself. When I look at this trouble- keeping YEHOVAH’s commandments, living a
some, naturally evil self, so human and full of righteous holy life, overcoming, growing in spir-
faults and weaknesses, so beset by temptations itual character, and enduring in spite of all oppo-
of pride and the flesh, with all its limitations and sition, persecution, trial and test unto the end.
shortcomings; knowing that to be finally saved I You and I must actually DO these things in order
must GROW in grace and YEHOVAH’s knowl- to be saved!
edge -- must develop in righteous holy character Here is the great mystery! Since we
-- must overcome this SELF and temptations and MUST do these things to be saved, yet are utterly
weaknesses -- and must ENDURE through trial UNABLE to do them, it is natural to conclude ei-
and test and opposition and discouragement unto ther that YEHOVAH God commissioned the
the end -- well, when I look at it this way, it Messiah to do it for us and excuse us from ac-
seems utterly HOPELESS to expect ever to be complishing it, or else to become discouraged
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