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Test 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

YEHOVAH’s will as expressed in His spiritual A. That would be absurd since YEHOVAH’s
Law! Of himself, even the Messiah said he could Law is done away with.
not do it -- “the Father that dwelleth in me,” He B. It is not necessary since everyone is already
said, “HE doeth the works." And again: “The following it.
works that I do shall ye do also." C. Yes, with all of our heart and mind!
And so it was that, almost the same D. We must yearn to, but not really strive to do
instant the temptation to doubt the final result so.
came to my mind as I thought of my own
weaknesses, faults, and limitations, the answer Lesson 41
flashed strong and firm: “YEHOVAH GOD YEHOVAH God’s Health Laws
WON’T LET ME FALL!” (Read Jude 24, and
II Peter 1:10.) 3. In what Old Covenant books do we find the
“He may punish me more yet to chasten laws regarding clean and unclean meats?
and teach me and to make me righteous, but He
won’t let me fail -- He will impute His very own A. Genesis and Numbers
righteousness by IMPLANTING IT INTO MY B. Exodus and I Kings
LIFE until, through His power energizing me, C. Leviticus and Deuteronomy
I’m really living it -- ETERNALLY! “ D. I Samuel and Joshua
And that comforting and definite AS-
SURANCE of the final result, based on YEHO- 4. All clean animals
VAH’s own unbreakable PROMISES, just
warmed my heart and made me feel good clear A. are herbivores.
through -- and so I had to come immediately to B. are carnivores.
the computer to share this glorious assurance C. have one stomach.
with all of YOU! D. only were eaten by the Gentiles.

TEST NUMBER ELEVEN 5. Peter’s vision in Acts 10 revealed that

1. Which one of these four statements is true? A. a Judahite should not keep company with a
man of another nation.
A. We were born with a loving, spiritual B. we “should not call any man common or
attitude. unclean.”
B. It is preposterous to think that YEHOVAH C. the laws of clean and unclean meats were
God would share His very own divine nature still in force.
with us. D. all animal flesh (both clean and unclean)
C. We have a promise from YEHOVAH God was fit to eat from that time on.
that our natures can be miraculously changed.
D. It would be natural for people today to love 6. Which of the following fish are unclean?
one another if there was not so much strife in
the world. A. Salmon and Bass
B. Carp and Pollack
2. Must we yearn to follow YEHOVAH God’s C. Sole and Halibut
Royal Law of Love perfectly and actually D. Shark and Paddlefish
strive to do so with YEHOVAH’s help?
7. Which of the following animals are
considered clean by YEHOVAH God?
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