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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 11

and be tempted to quit trying. life in our stead, but paying the penalty of all our
The true answer is the KEY to salvation! past sins in our stead -- that we might be recon-
We can’t save ourselves. YEHOVAH ciled to YEHOVAH God, so that we might re-
will save us! But how? ceive His spirit, begetting us as His SONS, so
Not by saving us IN our sins -- not by de- that YEHOVAH through the power of His spirit
ceiving Himself into counting us righteous by may CHANGE us from mortal sinners into im-
imputing the Messiah’s righteousness to us mortal holy sons of YEHOVAH God!
while we remain unrighteous -- BUT BY SAV- Some hotels and restaurants, catering to
ING US FROM OUR SINS, by giving us His tourists who may be in old clothes and dirty from
very own spirit -- His POWER to overcome traveling, post a sign, “COME AS YOU ARE!"
these cantankerous selves, His LOVE to actually The favorite “invitation” or “altar-call”
fulfill His law, HIS PEACE to avoid strife with hymn sung by the popular denominations in re-
enemies and resentment and bitterness at their vival or evangelistic services is “JUST AS I
injustices, HIS PATIENCE to endure! AM.”
We can’t save ourselves -- YEHOVAH But BE NOT DECEIVED -- YEHO-
GOD must save us! But He does it by CHANG- VAH GOD WON’T RECEIVE YOU JUST AS
ING us, through His indwelling divine supernat- YOU ARE! You can’t sit down at His immacu-
ural power, from what we have been into the late holy table with your wrinkled, soiled clothes
holy, righteous characters He wills to make of and dirty hands, which symbolically represent
us! He does it by forgiving past sins not only, but the human sinning condition. No, you must be
CLEANSING US from sinning now and in the first WASHED in the blood of the lamb Yeshua
future! the Messiah -- and before the Messiah as your
YEHOVAH God does not look upon our Saviour and Mediator with YEHOVAH God can
hopeless plight -- our evil natures, our weak- wash you of the filth of your sins, YOU MUST
nesses and inabilities -- and say, “Poor, helpless FIRST REPENT OF TRANSGRESSING YE-
humans! Since they are unable to master and HOVAH’S HOLY LAW, WHICH MEANS TO
overcome their evil natures, to keep my Law, to BE SO SORRY THAT YOU FORSAKE YOUR
endure trial and test and temptation, and to grow WAY AND THE WORLD’S WAY, AND
into holy characters; I’ll be merciful and have TURN TO A LIFE OF OBEDIENCE TO YE-
my Son do it for them, and save them just as they HOVAH’S LAWS AND WAYS!
are in all their sins." Of course, you’ll have to come AS YOU
Instead, YEHOVAH who knows our ev- ARE to YEHOVAH God through the Messiah
ery weakness, and who Himself is RESPON- for CLEANSING from the filth of your past life
SIBLE for this human nature in every one of us, -- but CONFESSING your filthy, sinful condi-
commissioned the Messiah to proclaim HIS tion, asking HIM to cleanse you and to wash you
MESSAGE to us that we must yield to YEHO- in the Messiah’s blood, because you can’t
VAH’S government over our lives -- that we cleanse yourself -- so that you may be presented
must REPENT and turn from our FILTH of the chaste and pure and spiritually clean to the Fa-
flesh and pride of mind and heart. He allowed ther, that you may then receive the indwelling
His Chosen One to be tempted in all points as we POWER of YEHOVAH God WHICH WILL
are -- human as we are -- to prove that a human ENABLE YOU TO OVERCOME, and keep
CAN, with the help of the spirit of YEHOVAH YEHOVAH’s Law, and live as His sons ought to
God, live without sin -- TO SET AN EXAMPLE live!
FOR US THAT WE SHOULD FOLLOW HIS The Messiah showed by his human life
STEPS and live also without sinning! He al- that we CAN, if we rely upon YEHOVAH God
lowed His Son to die for us -- not living a good in faith for the power to do so, live the way of
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