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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 7

UNTRUE! The bias of the early translators crept 4. What did YEHOVAH God do on the
into these verses as they tried to promote their day IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING His
pagan Catholic concepts. CORRECTLY creation of man? Genesis 2:2-3. YEHOVAH
translated, these verses read: “In the beginning did not rest because He was tired and weary from
was the PLAN of YEHOVAH, and the PLAN His work of creating, did He? Isaiah 40:28.
was WITH YEHOVAH, and the PLAN was Then He obviously did it for ANOTHER
YEHOVAH’s. The same PLAN was IN THE REASON! Did this final ACT of YEHOVAH
BEGINNING with YEHOVAH. All things were God on the SEVENTH day COMPLETE the
done according to IT, and without IT nothing works of YEHOVAH’s creation? Refer to
was done, that was done.” Genesis 2:2 again, and write down Hebrews
These verses could also be an indication 4:3-4.
of YEHOVAH’s Shekinah Glory (the visible COMMENT: The Sabbath had never
dimension of YEHOVAH God that human existed prior to this time. Therefore,
beings can actually see). Replace “logos” with YEHOVAH had to bring it into existence. He
“Shekinah Glory” and the picture becomes clear. did so by RESTING on the SEVENTH day. This
Bottom line -- the “logos” was NOT Yeshua the act of resting therefore MADE the Sabbath Day
The last part of Ephesians 3:9 (”by Jesus Notice: “...On the SEVENTH DAY [not before
Christ”) is NOT found in the oldest manuscripts or after it] God ended His work [of creation]
and was inserted at a later date to promote the which He had MADE..." (Genesis 2:2).
idea of a “pre-existent” Messiah. The scriptures plainly show us that the
Then, in Colossians 1:16, we find Sabbath was made during the SAME seven-day
another BLATANT mistranslation to further the period of time that man was made. And it was
deception just mentioned. This verse is made by YEHOVAH God the Father. It was
CORRECTLY translated: “Because BEFORE made on the LAST of SEVEN LITERAL
him [Yeshua the Messiah] all things were 24-HOUR DAYS, and was made an intrinsic
created that are in heaven, and that are in earth, PART of man’s environment!
visible and invisible, whether thrones, or 5. What else did YEHOVAH God do to
rulerships, or principalities, or powers; all things the seventh day? Genesis 2:3.
were created ON ACCOUNT OF him [the COMMENT: Notice that YEHOVAH
Messiah], and FOR him.” God “BLESSED” the seventh day and
2. What did YEHOVAH God do on the “SANCTIFIED” it. SUCH AN HONOR WAS
FIRST day of what we call Creation Week? NOT CONFERRED UPON ANY OF THE
3. And what was done on the SECOND God BLESSES SOMETHING, He bestows His
day? Genesis 1:6-8. And did YEHOVAH use a divine favor upon, and His DIVINE
THIRD day on which to do something else? PRESENCE in that thing. He is especially near
Verses 9-13. And a FOURTH day to make still at that time.
other things? Verses 14-19. And a FIFTH day The very word “sanctify” means TO SET
for creating another class of things? Verses APART FOR A HOLY USE OR PURPOSE! By
20-23. Then did YEHOVAH create animals and RESTING on the seventh day, YEHOVAH
MAN on the SIXTH day? Verses 24-26, 31. “sanctified” it -- set it apart -- from the other six
COMMENT: We see by the foregoing days of the week. In so doing He made the
verses that YEHOVAH God made and created SEVENTH day HOLY!
all these things in just the first SIX DAYS of the Thus we see that by the very act of
CREATION WEEK. resting on the seventh day, YEHOVAH God

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 1
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