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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 7

commanded them, He would have established a “sanctified” -- be set apart to be MADE HOLY?
Priesthood of Holiness -- ministers of True Exodus 31:13.
Holiness who would have instructed the COMMENT: YEHOVAH God made
Israelites IN THE WAYS OF YEHOVAH GOD the Sabbath Covenant with the ancient Israelites
as they rested on His Sabbath Days. And they -- Abraham’s physical “seed.” It was to be
would have become, thereby, a holy nation fit obeyed “THROUGHOUT” their generations.
and able to teach others. But the Old Covenant Today, all true Christians are Abraham’s
Israelites would NOT keep the Sabbath, and SPIRITUAL “seed” through the Messiah.
therefore did NOT BECOME HOLY. So today every true Christian MUST
YEHOVAH therefore set up another ALSO KEEP THE SABBATH! He must keep it
type of priesthood -- the Levitical Priesthood -- in order to remember it is the Creator GOD who
which ministered things of NO LASTING MAKES man holy. He must have the Sabbath
VALUE -- ministered a rigmarole of sacrificial “Sign” in order to be MADE HOLY HIMSELF.
rituals which led the people to nothing they For after we are spiritually begotten we are to
REALLY wanted then and there! GROW in YEHOVAH’s holy character,
Since the Old Covenant Israelites failed THROUGH THE HELP OF HIS POWERFUL
to REST on the Sabbath, they failed to remember HOLY SPIRIT, until we are born of YEHOVAH
the true Creator God, and that they were to God! Yes, YEHOVAH ALONE can make man
become a holy people -- a kingdom of priests holy!
who were to reveal to the world the Creator God, 3. Today, to what PURPOSE are such
His blessings and His plan. true Christians -- spirit-begotten Israelites, that
They failed because they did NOT have is, Abraham’s “seed” -- especially “set apart”
the HOLY SPIRIT to empower them. And for from this present evil world and USED in
this reason they could NOT HAVE THE YEHOVAH’s service?
EITHER, “for the Holy Spirit was NOT YET ASTONISHING! The Old Covenant Israelites
GIVEN" (John 7:38-39). FAILED to respond to their calling because they
would NOT REST on the Sabbath and receive
YEHOVAH’s “Sign” Necessary for instruction in YEHOVAH’s Holiness. They did
Salvation Today not have the holy spirit to help them
What has resting on the Sabbath -- CARRY IT OUT!
having YEHOVAH’s Sabbath “Sign” -- to do But WE, if we become spirit-begotten
with salvation today? It is vital that we New Covenant Israelites, DO HAVE THE
understand. Let’s see what the Bible says. HOLY SPIRIT to help us recognize this call and
1. Doesn’t the Bible plainly reveal that to obey YEHOVAH God. We have the
be a true Christian today one must become a SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION to UNDER-
SPIRITUAL Israelite -- become Abraham’s STAND YEHOVAH’s calling and the
“seed” through the Messiah -- in order to inherit SPIRITUAL POWER TO CARRY IT OUT.
the SAME covenant promise of eternal life that Old Covenant Israel NEVER became “a
was made to Abraham and “his seed”? Romans kingdom of priests, and an holy nation." But WE
4:16; 9:4 and Galatians 3:28-29. can now become a relatively holy and competent
2. So today must a spiritual Israelite (a “nation” by the POWER of the holy spirit! And
Holy SPIRIT-BEGOTTEN Christian) have to it is we who can become the COMPLETELY
possess YEHOVAH’s “sign” (KEEP HOLY “nation” of “kings and priests" that
YEHOVAH’S SABBATH) in order to be YEHOVAH vowed to make of Abraham’s

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 1
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