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Lesson 7 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 1

LESSON 7 But YEHOVAH God blessed Abraham
EVEN MORE because of his loving obedience
WHY REST ON YEHOVAH’S SABBATH and mutual friendship! YEHOVAH placed
DAY? before Abraham’s spiritual offspring -- we who
become his “seed” through the Messiah -- the
Noah “walked” with YEHOVAH GOD SAME OPPORTUNITY to receive these SAME
(Genesis 6:9). They were that friendly! And GREAT BLESSINGS!
because Noah “walked” in OBEDIENCE to YEHOVAH is always the close, loving
YEHOVAH, He saved Noah and his family friend of those who obey Him. It is within
from the great flood that destroyed sinful YEHOVAH’s plan to become a very close friend
mankind (Genesis 6:11-14). That was REAL of all who lovingly obey His wishes. And
FRIENDSHIP! YEHOVAH shows great love in return by doing
And after the flood we know that WONDERFUL THINGS for them!
Abraham also became an OBEDIENT friend of YEHOVAH God is going to shower
YEHOVAH God (James 2:23, 21). those of us who now learn our lessons of loving
And what was the RESULT of this close obedience with far GREATER blessings than we
friendship? can imagine! He says, “Eye hath not seen, nor
Because Abraham continued in this ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of
OBEDIENT relationship with YEHOVAH God man, the things which God hath prepared for
(Genesis 26:5), YEHOVAH promised him the them that LOVE Him" (I Corinthians 2:9).
greatest and most abundant blessings imaginable
-- this WHOLE EARTH for an inheritance, YEHOVAH’s Purpose for Mankind
ETERNAL LIFE with which to enjoy it! YEHOVAH God is LOVE (I John 4:8).
And the way of YEHOVAH’s
love is GIVING and
SHARING. As our loving
Friend and Father, YEHOVAH
wants to SHARE with us the
glory and riches of His
Kingdom -- His Divine Family!
reveals His great PURPOSE for
mankind to His obedient
friends: “I will make man in MY
image, according to MY
likeness..." (Genesis 1:26,
correct translation). And,
“Behold, what manner of love
the Father hath bestowed upon
us; that we should be called the
Moslems praying in a mosque on their sabbath day -- Friday. [SPIRIT-BEGOTTEN] SONS

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 1
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