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Lesson 7 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

Almighty put His divine favor upon and set apart 3. WHY was the Sabbath made for man?
for holy use and purpose the most ENDURING HOW did YEHOVAH intend it to serve man’s
thing there is -- a certain space of time which needs? Exodus 20:8 and Deuteronomy
comes around REGULARLY EVERY SEVEN 5:12-14.
DAYS according to the lunar phases! COMMENT: Notice that YEHOVAH
And by setting aside the first Sabbath in God made the seventh day of the week HOLY--
this way, YEHOVAH also made EVERY and on His authority as our Creator He
FUTURE SABBATH -- EVERY SEVENTH commands us TO KEEP IT that way! The
DAY OF THE LUNAR WEEK -- HOLY Sabbath, then, is HOLY time. Yet it was made
ALSO! for man -- for ALL mankind -- to be a GREAT
Our Creator knew
that we MORTALS
would need a period
of rest from our
New Moon 8 15 22 29 30
physical labors and
for the WORSHIP
every seventh day.
Made for MAN This is the BASIC PURPOSE for which the
Sabbath was created.
1. Was YEHOVAH’s resting on the Each of us tends to become overly
seventh day an EXAMPLE to show Adam -- the absorbed in our daily cares, our work and our
first man -- and all mankind that WE SHOULD pleasures during the week. Our Creator foresaw
REST from our work on this day? Exodus that we would need a time set apart -- His
20:11. Sabbath Day -- as a consecrated time when we
2. Did YEHOVAH God make the can completely forget our daily routine and
Sabbath for Adam only, or just for those DRAW CLOSER to the Creator God in study,
descended from Judah, or for ALL of meditation and prayer.
MANKIND? Mark 2:27-28. Is the whole Modern man DESPERATELY NEEDS
human race COMMANDED to keep this period of time in which to have real
YEHOVAH’s Sabbath? Exodus 20:8-10. communion with YEHOVAH God Who is
COMMENT: The Messiah said that at creating him to become His glorified son! Time
creation the Sabbath was made by YEHOVAH in which to think upon YEHOVAH, to worship
God for MAN -- FOR ALL MANKIND! Adam Him, to pray, to study and meditate upon the
was the first man, therefore he stood as the PURPOSE of his human existence and upon
HUMAN RACE which has descended from YEHOVAH knew that all of this would add
him. great strength and meaning to man’s life during
It is RIDICULOUS to think that the the next SIX days of each week.
Sabbath was made only for the Judahites, since The Sabbath is truly one of the greatest
the first Judahite was not born until over 2,000 BLESSINGS YEHOVAH God has bestowed
years LATER! Judah, a son of Jacob, was the upon the human family!
father of the Judahite family and nation (Genesis When we keep the Sabbath Day as
29:35). YEHOVAH intends, we are showing our

YEHOVAH God’s TRUE Sabbath Day -- Part 1
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