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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 44

The Old Covenant -- YEHOVAH’s stand the REAL meaning YEHOVAH intends
Marriage with Physical Israel these two parts to convey. This is the reason you
probably have not understood them. These
NEARLY everyone has been taught that “ministers” cannot tell you what they themselves
the Old Covenant was the ten commandment do not know!
law, and that the New Covenant contains only But YEHOVAH’s Book, the Bible,
grace and promises -- but certainly no law! DOES reveal the true meaning and importance
Hence, runs the argument, since the Old of these two divisions to YOU. They are not dif-
Covenant has been abolished, YEHOVAH ficult to understand. And there is NOTHING
God’s law has also been abolished. more important in your life than that you do un-
This teaching would lead you to believe derstand them FULLY. Your salvation is closely
that the law of YEHOVAH God was harsh, linked with how well you understand them.
cruel, and enslaving -- that the FAULT of the THE “OLD TESTAMENT” and THE
Old Covenant was with the law. And since “NEW TESTAMENT” represent the very es-
YEHOVAH GOD gave the law, the FAULT sence of the plan whereby YEHOVAH God is
must have been His! fashioning in man His supreme creation -- very
Later, according to this common teach- Sons of YEHOVAH God to be BORN into His
ing, the Messiah came with a new covenant own Family!
which had no law -- only promises and
Certainly there is something terribly YEHOVAH God created man in the clay
WRONG with this concept! image of Himself, from the DUST of the ground.
But YEHOVAH DID NOT, at the time
Why Misunderstood of Adam, FINISH HIS CREATION of man!
YEHOVAH God only created Adam PHYSI-
MENT” -- DO these words MEAN anything to at that time, carry out the second step in His cre-
you? ation of man.
You have probably heard these two YEHOVAH did NOT complete man
terms often during your lifetime. But as far as SPIRITUALLY!
YOUR life is concerned, they haven’t meant Man will be YEHOVAH’s supreme
very much to you, have they? SPIRITUAL creation only AFTER He has
Yet the Bible, the very revelation of FINISHED creating him spiritually into the very
YEHOVAH God to man, is composed of two CHARACTER “IMAGE” of YEHOVAH God.
great parts -- which uninspired editors have la- Exactly what was lacking in Adam?
beled the “Old Testament” and the “New Testa- What is needed to COMPLETE man spiritually?
ment.” And under these two headings ALL the Let’s understand!
books of the Bible are contained. Almost every- YEHOVAH God did NOT place within
one knows that. man the loving SPIRITUAL attitude that He has
But few understand that these two divi- -- the ATTITUDE characteristic of His HOLY
sions have great significance! YEHOVAH God SPIRIT.
has permitted them to be the two GREAT YEHOVAH’s holy spirit imparts the
DIVISIONS of His book, the Bible! The very SPIRITUAL love and power man needs to de-
Book which reveals His will to man. velop YEHOVAH’s character and fulfill His
The ministers of this world do not under- royal, SPIRITUAL law of love -- the Ten Com-

The Meaning of Marriage -- Part One
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