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Lesson 44 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Meaning of Marriage

Why marriage? Even the very question yet, with few exceptions, scientists refuse even
seems shocking! to consider the possibility of the supernatural in
But some psychologists are beginning to their postulates.
question it. We should not take things for One writer explained that it is a matter of
granted without question. If a tradition or custom the reluctance of scientists to accept the
is right, it will withstand the questioning. existence of YEHOVAH God. But it is not mere
So we dare to question! reluctance. It is psychological rebellion which
How, then, did the institution of marriage refuses to accept the fact of the existence of their
originate? Maker!
Strange as it may seem, the “authorities” This is written for those who are willing
-- the psychologists, the sociologists, the to consider! And what follows for you to
doctors, the scientists, the educators -- do not consider may be so utterly NEW to you as to
know! The rank and file of these “authorities” seem incredible.
accept the theory of evolution. Yet, consider! Think!
If humans had evolved from lower Weigh and compare that which explains
animal species, brought about without purpose the WHY of marriage with the only possible
or design by resident forces devoid of views that can be arrived at by the evolutionary
intelligence -- if there had been no planned approach.
design by an all-intelligent Creator Being -- no Yes, consider! Consider what one
purpose for which humans were put on earth -- claiming to be God -- the Creator -- reveals! And
then, indeed, we should wonder: “Why you judge whether this awesome revelation
marriage?” makes more sense than the only possible
And yet the great minds through the explanation founded on the evolutionary
centuries have groped in the dark, searching for, approach. You judge whether it gives more
yet failing to acquire, the knowledge of that rational and inspiring MEANING to life. Check
purpose. Perhaps most have taken marriage and and balance it against the hopeless lack of
family life for granted and themselves followed meaning, purpose, or destiny for human
the custom. existence offered by the evolutionary theory.
But they didn’t know the PURPOSE. See, now, what the One quoted in the
There is an astonishing reason! world’s best-selling book, the Bible, calling
The believer in godless evolution can see Himself God the Creator, reveals about Himself,
no transcendently higher purpose in the birth of a and about the reason for human existence, for
baby than in that of a calf or a kitten. He can see sex, and for the institution of marriage.
only that the human infant is further advanced in You are not going to read the traditional
supposed evolutionary development. But no superstitions rejected by science and labeled by
transcendent potential. scientists “fundamentalism.” What follows is
But let’s face it. Let’s be honest with the not a new “theory,” or interpretation, or
question. Isn’t it a bit irrational that science has human-devised idea. It is merely what the Book
never proved the theory of evolution, yet plainly says, without interpretation. It is only
believes it -- as a faith? And, further, that science what has been written there through the centuries
has never disproved the existence of the -- yet expect to be surprised, shocked, to read
all-intelligent Personal Being -- the Creator God what both “science” and “religion” have utterly
-- whose existence is proved and provable? And glossed over!

The Meaning of Marriage -- Part One
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