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Lesson 42 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Archaeology and the Bible

IS THERE proof OUTSIDE the Bible religious leaders believe the Bible is primitive,
that the events described in Scripture really childlike, crude, immature -- a book of fables
happened -- that its great characters actually and myths instead of the inspired TRUTH of
Where is the PROOF that Joseph was in
Egypt? -- that Abraham and his ancestors really Bible Scholars Skeptical Too
existed? -- that David was actually king of
Israel? -- and, above all, that the Messiah and the Dr. James Moffatt, who produced a
apostles were known by their Jewish and Gentile famous English rendering of the Bible, says in
contemporaries? his introduction to the Bible that many of its
And where is the PROOF that the in- books are “notes by disciples, worked up into
spired Word of YEHOVAH God has been accu- literary papers which have been repeatedly
rately preserved for us today -- especially since edited, sometimes by pious collectors."
there are so many different modern translations? To this learned man the earlier portions
Yes, WHERE IS THE PROOF? of the Bible stemmed from “the natural desire to
It’s time we studied the proof of HIS- gather up the primitive traditions of the people."
TORY and ARCHAEOLOGY to further prove Yes, here is one of the foremost biblical
the Bible is FACT, and not fable. scholars declaring that the Bible has a natural
origin in human TRADITIONS! -- implying that
Ministers Deny Divine Origin it is NOT backed by FACT! What made him
believe such an idea? Was he without proof of
It will probably SHOCK YOU to know the inspiration of Scripture? Surely, if there were
what many religious leaders personally think proof for the inspiration of the Bible, these
and publicly say about the Bible! Here is what learned men would not have overlooked it --
Harry Emerson Fosdick, a noted American would they?...OR DID THEY FACE THE EVI-
minister, wrote in his book, The Modern Use of DENCE AND REJECT IT?
the Bible: Now read what Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed,
“We know now that every idea in the who also translated the Bible, says about the
Bible started from primitive and childlike ori- Scriptures in his book, How to Read the Bible.
gins..." and that it is an “impossible attempt to He says you should remember this about the first
harmonize the Bible with itself, to make it speak
with unanimous voice, to resolve its conflicts
and contradictions..." (pages 11, 24).
Why did Dr. Fosdick write this? Was he
convinced that there was no proof of the inspira-
tion of the Bible? OR WAS HE OVER-
Of the earlier writings in the Bible, he
further says: “But we do not need to apologize
for their crudities....Their lack is a lack of ma-
Today it is shocking to realize that the Artist’s rendition of Daniel 4:33.

Archaeology and the Bible
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