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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 42

public if the theologians were to publicly LESSON 42
confess it! But the world is wilfully ignorant of
it. Heretofore, we have presented the evi-
Believe it or not, the world ALREADY dence of creation and of science. Now we come
KNOWS OF THE PROOF but, having been to the most important test of biblical inspiration.
deceived, is unwilling to accept it. It has SEEN The Bible contains a record of HISTOR-
the proof, FELT it, DUG it up, READ it and even ICAL EVENTS that cover a period of over 4,000
PUBLISHED it! But humanity, deceived by years of human experiences. LITERALLY
superstition and vain religious traditions, has THOUSANDS OF STATEMENTS, FOR
REJECTED the proof because it does not want WHICH HISTORICAL EVIDENCE RE-
This lesson of the Hope of Israel Bible whether it is a record of myths and fables that
Correspondence Course demonstrates the proof were inaccurately gathered centuries after their
of YEHOVAH’s existence and the inspiration of occurrence and “made to appear” as the work of
His revelation. a Supreme Being, as Drs. Moffatt and Good-
The mass of evidence is overwhelming. speed declare.
It is so great the Correspondence Course cannot Is Bible history true? Let’s REALLY
begin to contain it all. But this mass of evidence PROVE whether we can depend on the Bible for
has created a paradox. Just as the world pub- the TRUTH!
lishes and sells the Bible, but does not believe it, 1. Does the Bible record that a great
so it also discovers, publishes and sells the evi- flood occurred in Noah’s day which destroyed
dences of biblical inspiration WITHOUT BE- almost all life from the land? Genesis 7:1, 6, 21,
The world has not only turned the truth COMMENT: If the nations stem from
upside down, but it has also turned the PROOF those who escaped the flood, as the Bible
upside down -- making right SEEM wrong and teaches, we ought to expect all nations to have
true proof SEEM disproof. ancient TRADITIONS about the flood. Critics
To help you see and understand this may dispute the time (because they reject Bible
amazing evidence, make sure your Bible is in chronology), but they know the RECORD IS
front of you. Also have several sheets of paper, there for everyone to see. That they cannot deny!
and a pen or pencil so you can WRITE DOWN But if Noah and his family -- and others -- es-
THE ANSWERS and your own comments. caped the flood’s destructive forces, it is not
There are not many questions asked you in this demanding too much if we seek for confirmation
lesson because we are giving you the proof of among all nations that the flood preceded the
YEHOVAH God’s inspiration of the Bible di- founding of present nations.
rectly from the HISTORICAL RECORDS What is the history of testimony -- testi-
themselves. mony which men have dug up, translated, print-
You need to summarize these NEW ed and circulated for public consumption?
PROOFS for yourself, in your own words. That Here are the facts which anyone can
is the best way to REMEMBER them! know:
These proofs confound the atheist. These The AMERICAN INDIANS in both
proofs demonstrate once and for all time that the North and South America preserved legends of
biblical record is inspired of YEHOVAH God the Flood in which some escaped by means of a
and true! boat and by climbing to higher ground, and
Are you ready to begin? repeopled the earth.

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