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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 42

An Open Letter from the Staff...

Biblical archaeology is the study of the
peoples and events of the Bible through the
intriguing record buried in the earth.
Biblical archaeology is a relatively new
science. Only in 1822 did decipherment of the
Rosetta Stone unlock Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Assyrian cuneiform was decoded more than 20
years later. Systematic excavations were begun in
Assyria in 1843 and in Egypt in 1850.
By the early twentieth century, archae-
ology had been reduced to a careful science, with
expeditions to Bible lands being sponsored by
major universities and museums in Europe and
America. As a result, the museums have been filled HOPE OF ISRAEL MINISTRIES
with a wealth of evidence testifying to the genuine-
ness of the Bible record. Bible archaeology has BIBLE
built up a solid bulwark of proof in support of the CORRESPONDENCE COURSE
Old Testament, showing that the Word of YEHO- LESSON 42
VAH God is accurate right down to the tiniest
detail. Published at Arcadia, California by Hope of
In the same way, the discovery of ancient Israel Ministries (Ecclesia of YEHOVAH).
manuscripts -- especially the Dead Sea Scrolls --
has helped to illuminate the pure, original text of EDITOR AND DIRECTOR
the Old Testament. This, along with the multitude John D. Keyser
of artifacts discovered, has brought convincing
confirmation that the things stated in the Old TECHNICAL ADVISOR
Testament text are historically, chronologically Sean C. Keyser
and geographically reliable.
Thus, archaeology has confounded the
critics of the Bible. The noted British scholar, the YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid by
late Sir Frederic Kenyon, who was director and others. Bulk copies for distribution not
principal librarian of the British Museum for many given or sold.
years, had the following to say concerning the ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
Bible: “The evidence of archaeology has been to Editor at the following address:
re-establish its authority, and likewise to augment Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
its value by rendering it more intelligible through a Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
fuller knowledge of its background and setting. _________________________________
Archaeology has not yet said its last word; but the
results already achieved confirm what faith would About Our Cover...
suggest, that the Bible can do nothing but gain
from an increase of knowledge.” During the Middle Kingdom, of which the 12th

This stream of knowledge, long hidden Dynasty was part, the Hebrew people were reduced
under the soil of Israel and other Bible lands, to slaves to serve the whims of the Egyptian people.
continues to flow strongly.

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